April 14, 2017

Reminder:  FCC issues Agenda for its Open Meeting on Thursday, April 20, 2017.  Meeting will address major issues including: CAF construction charges, BDS competition, a proposed NPRM, NOI, and Request for Comment regarding "regulatory barriers to infrastructure," and a proposed an NPRM and NOI on the "regulatory impediments to wireless network infrastructure investment and deployment." | View Agenda HERE

FCC's BDS plan "to eliminate price caps in much of the business broadband market uses a new test for determining whether customers benefit from competition. Even if a business that needs broadband has only one choice today, the FCC would consider the local market competitive if there's a second broadband provider within a half mile." | Ars Technica

Small Business Administration asks FCC to delay a planned April 20 vote on business broadband regulations. SBA concerned that "FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's business broadband proposal could mean fewer choices for small businesses, according to an ex parte filing made public Thursday." | Politico Morning Tech

"Grand Island, NY, Looking At Publicly Owned Fiber" | Community Networks

Craig Settles Op-Ed: "Cities Take Proactive Approaches to Anti-Muni Broadband Legislators" | Govt Tech

*Correction from yesterday:  Rochester, Minnesota, commissions study to see if city-owned Internet service could be sustained in the current broadband market; examines models. | Govt Tech

The Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) is hosting an Information Day in Arlington, VA, on Thursday, April 27th for interested parties to learn about the PAWR program goals and and process. The PAWR Project Office (PPO) is managing this $100 million public-private partnership to stand-up and oversee these eventual testing platforms. | More information about PAWR and Registration HERE

Incentive Auction Results, cont. 
  • "About Half of Fifty 600 MHz Auction Winners Are Rural Companies" | Telecompetitor
  • "T-Mobile just spent nearly $8 billion to finally put its network on par with Verizon and AT&T" | The Verge
  • "Will Comcast Really Cut the Cord?; The cable giant may want a bigger piece of the wireless business" |  WSJ
  • "T-Mobile, Dish Network, Comcast and AT&T were among the biggest winners of a historic government auction of wireless airwaves, the Federal Communications Commission said Thursday. The auction will transfer a significant amount of spectrum — the invisible radio waves that carry voice, video and data — from TV stations to companies in other industries eager to build out wireless data networks. For consumers, the results may mean bigger Internet pipes or a faster experience." | Washington Post 
H.R. 1814 "Rural Spectrum Accessibility Act" could "create both an opportunity to expand rural broadband and also a threat to those already serving rural areas." | POTs and PANs
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