May 8, 2017

FCC Commissioner O'Reilly talks about municipal broadband in ALEC speech: "What I am unwilling to do and will never support is allowing government-sponsored networks to use their unfair advantages to offer broadband services. Doing so would be the quickest way to destroy the private broadband market and reassure creation of a market monopoly position by these networks. In addition, in instances where they have been attempted, the success rate is highly suspect. Clearly, building and operating a broadband network is the opposite of easy." | Full speech HERE

Mozilla Executive Director on Internet access: "As we know from the history of services like water and electricity, the market alone won’t ensure everyone has quality access to essential services. We need a combination of big companies, small entrepreneurs, community-led solutions, philanthropy, and government involvement." | Quartz  

North Carolina Governor Cooper’s budget includes $20 million to improve internet access and service in underserved areas of North Carolina. "Of that $20 million, $14.5 million would create a grant program to help local governments partnering with private providers and utility cooperatives complete ‘last mile’ broadband projects." | Press Release

Review of Pai's first 100 days as FCC Chairman: "Facing little organized resistance, Pai is establishing himself as the vanguard for a wave of deregulation that could set the tone for industry for years." | Washington Post

Did the Open Internet rules harm investment?  "AT&T's CEO Admitted That the Net Neutrality Rules Haven't Harmed Investment" | Free Press; but See "Broadband Investment Slowed by $5.6 Billion Since Open Internet Order" | Free State Foundation

"Verizon’s gigabit upgrade pricing still makes almost no sense; New customers pay $70, but existing customers could pay twice as much." | Ars Technica

"Comcast Corp. and Charter Communications Inc. have struck a wireless partnership as the cable giants look to get a piece of the cutthroat business." | WSJ; Broadband Reports 

A new hybrid wireless network? "Ligado is promising not only to build the world’s first wireless network using ground-based airwaves that had long been considered unsuitable for cellular use, but it’s also planning to join that capability with a satellite hovering above North America. The novel pairing, its executives say, will largely support industrial customers, not individual consumers. But, they emphasize, that doesn’t mean the average American won’t see benefits from the hybrid network." | Washington Post 

Just for fun: 3D Map of global broadband networks | See map HERE
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