May 12, 2017

ALERT:  Wireless Facilities in the Public Right of Way:  Is Your City Ready for a ‘Deemed Granted’ Remedy?

New, short (5 page) paper from Baller Stokes & Lide: “In light of the prospective new [FCC and state] rules, we recommend that local governments act quickly, but thoughtfully, to establish a workable process for the management of wireless facility installations in the PROW.   This paper outlines a few key steps and policy issues that local governments may wish to consider in doing so.” |  Available HERE


Susan Crawford Op-Ed: Cable One just demonstrated why cable and telecom companies are really scared of net neutrality.  In order to impose net neutrality rules, the FCC reclassified broadband service. "The trouble for the carriers is that the [re]classification carries with it the risk that their businesses will be treated, someday, as the utility services they are." | Backchannel

NCTA polling suggests many voters are unaware of what net neutrality rules mean; prefer "light touch" when it comes to Internet rules and regulations. | Morning Consult 

Chairman Pai responds to letter from nineteen non-profit, municipal broadband providers expressing support for proposal to eliminate Open Internet Order because "the cost of regulatory compliance will go down and they will have greater certainty that their investments and development of new services and features will pay off." Pai said that "[t]he fact that ISPs lacking any profit motive agree that eliminating Title II regulation will benefit consumers and promote innovation and investment is a powerful endorsement of reversing the FCC’s 2015 Title II Order." | FCC Press Release

Commissioner Clyburn speech at at Connected Communities Public Forum on Access and Affordability in L.A. encourages consumers to get involved at the FCC, "tell your stories about what broadband means to you and your family." | FCC

"Tennessee Valley Authority to Invest $300M Expanding Fiber Network" | Government Technology 

Cooperatives will play a large role in broadband deployment in rural areas. | CJ Speaks

"'Pop-Up' Library Brings Internet Access to Rural Virginia" | Government Technology

FCC announces two webinars on the recently-adopted Wireless Broadband Deployment NPRM and NOI. The first webinar on May 24, 2017, will be for state and local governments. The second webinar on May 31, 2017, will be for small businesses. | FCC Public Notice; Webinar for Tribal Nations on May 25, 2017, Public Notice

"Adoption of the Internet of Things is proceeding more slowly than expected, but semiconductor companies can help accelerate growth through new technologies and business models." | McKinsey & Company

Breaking News (Story Still Developing): "Hospitals and other institutions across Europe, Asia and beyond were simultaneously struck on Friday by a cyberattack that locked their computer systems and demanded a ransom to restore access, leading to chaos in emergency rooms, in doctors’ offices and aboard ambulances." | N.Y. Times
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