May 19, 2017

"FCC Votes To Begin Rollback Of Net Neutrality Regulations" | NPR; FCC Press Release; Gigi Sohn Statement, L.A. Times

Lev Gonick Op-Ed: "Why A Dedicated High Speed Broadband Network To Connect The Unconnected Is A Gamechanger" | CLIC Blog

SHLB responds to USAC announcement that "requests for funding during the September – November 2016 filing window period will not be fully funded.  Qualifying applicants for the FY2016 September – November filing window period will receive a pro-rata percentage of 92.5% of their requested funding (a reduction of 7.5%)." | Press Release

"A Trump FCC advisor’s proposal for bringing free Internet to poor people; Trump advisor says net neutrality hindered free data services for the poor." | Ars Technica

Kansas City maps digital inclusion: "Kansas City’s smart city infrastructure is strong — strong and advancing rapidly. Now, as it continues to move forward, city officials have added a new data visualization map aimed at keeping track of digital inclusion efforts as well, so that all populations within the city will benefit from the technological growth of its infrastructure." | Government Technology 

"Minnesota hosts National Net Inclusion conference – and we got to show off a little" | Blandin Foundation

"House Energy & Commerce Committee Democrats have introduced a wide-ranging infrastructure bill that includes a $40 billion broadband component." | Multichannel News

"Zayo says that the density of its fiber networks puts it into a good position to take advantage of small cell backhaul opportunities as they arise." | FierceTelecom

"These massive [Internet transmitting] balloons traveling at the edge of space could revolutionize disaster relief" | Mashable

"Patching the Electric Grid:  Our electric supply is increasingly vulnerable to cyberattack, and new technologies aim to sound the alarm earlier." | MIT Technology Review
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