May 23, 2017

"In Missouri, municipal broadband advocates quietly defeated Senate Bill 186, which would have placed restrictions on local governments’ abilities to run broadband networks to serve their residents." | Daily Yonder

"$2.3B Wave Broadband Acquisition by RCN Will Create Sixth Largest Cable Broadband Operator" | Telecompetitor

FCC publishes NPRM to "reinstate 'information service' classification of broadband Internet access service and return to the light-touch regulatory framework." | NPRM available HERE

Did the Open Internet Order impact investment?
  • Free Press Report finds that the Open Internet Order preserved and promoted investment: "ISP investments accelerated...(e.g., aggregate capital expenditures by publicly traded ISPs have risen by more than 5 percent during the two-year period since the FCC’s February 2015 vote; investments in core network technology at cable companies during that same time period are up by more than 48 percent). Investments in the edge, including those by online video providers and edge computing firms, are up as well..." 
  • A Response by George Ford, from the Phoenix Center, concludes: "Once the most basic adjustment to the data is made—accounting for inflation—Free Press’ data shows that capital spending fell significantly in 2016 (-2%)." 
"18 Cable Companies Promise To Support Net Neutrality; None Will Guarantee You In Writing"  | The Consumerist

FCC Commissioner O'Rielly wants to bar states from "enacting their own privacy burdens on what is by all means an interstate information service."  After Congress voted to remove privacy rules for broadband providers, several states have proposed measures that would require broadband providers to obtain consumer's consent before sharing their web-browsing history. | Media Post

John Windhausen Op-Ed: "Ensuring every community in America has access to high-quality broadband" | The Hill

Bill Baer and Fmr. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Op-Ed:  "There are reports that Sprint parent SoftBank is once again looking to buy wireless rival T-Mobile.  A merger like this would mean less competition in the wireless industry—and higher prices for consumers." | CNBC

"Sprint confirmed...that it inked an agreement with an unnamed cable company to test methods for building out small cells for its wireless network." | FierceWireless

"OneWeb on track for its first satellites to be operational in under a year" | FierceWireless

"Sinclair’s TV deal would be good for Trump. And his new FCC is clearing the way." | Washington Post

America's Internet Delusion: "The unmistakable lesson of recent years is that the Internet is a double-edged sword." | Washington Post
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