May 26, 2017

Study from Professor Yoo at the University of Pennsylvania analyzes cities' ability to pay back bonds for municipal broadband networks.  Although concerns about the validity of some of the financial data used in the study have been raised, Professor Yoo has also acknowledged limitations of the study including short time span of data, emergence of new models and usage, state law restrictions' significant financial impact on projects, economic development impact of municipal networks, etc. | Broadcasting & Cable; View Report HERE

Benton Foundation publishes updated version of broadband PPP guide: "Emerging World of Public-Private Partnerships: A Business Strategy and Legal Guide" | View Report HERE 

List of comments related to FCC docket on "actions to accelerate adoption and accessibility of broadband-enabled health care solutions and advanced technologies." | NECA

"EveryoneOn is announcing its plans to take over the ConnectHome program from HUD and expand its efforts to close the digital divide in more than 100 communities, both rural and urban, by 2020. HUD will still serve on the group’s advisory board, but will no longer manage it day to day. " | Wired

Chairman Pai creates of an Office of Economics and Data (OED) at the FCC to "combine economists and other commission staff [and] provide better input on rulemaking proceedings and transaction reviews." | Brookings 

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) asks Trump White House to reconsider defunding the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), the funder behind the eastern Kentucky TechHire 'coal-mining-to-coding' project. | Politico Morning Tech

"[N]ot all small carriers are on board with the idea of repealing current net neutrality protections."  According to Sonic CEO: "Only bigger carriers have enough subscribers to force content providers to pay additional fees, which is why these bigger carriers support the roll back of net neutrality regulations, while smaller ISPs support rules in favor of an open Internet.” | IBT

"Cities want more representation at FCC: In an ex parte filing last week with the [FCC], several municipal officials, along with a representative of the National League of Cities,...voiced their concern that the newly formed Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC) is lacking in representation from local municipal governments, and that industry executives and advisors make up an overwhelming proportion of the committee's membership." | Light Reading

"Chairman Pai responds to Congressman Delaney, representing Montgomery County, Maryland, regarding local role in small cell siting and radio frequency concerns. | View letter HERE

Yesterday, Sen. Mark Warner introduced a bill "that would set aside $20 million to try to figure out how to get benefits for gig workers and other nontraditional employees." | Buzzfeed
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