June 16, 2017

Rural America Is Stranded in The Dial Up Age:  "In a generation, the travails of small-town America have overtaken the ills of the city, and this technology disconnect is both a cause and a symptom.  Counties without modern internet connections can’t attract new firms, and their isolation discourages the enterprises they have." | Wall Street Journal article documents the economic impact that inadequate broadband connections have in rural America; also discusses fiber-optic networks as the "gold-standard" and success of some local broadband systems.

City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, release RFI seeking partnership for deployment of a citywide FTTP network. Submissions due August 4, 2017. | View RFI HERE; Link to full set of documents HERE

In Kentucky and West Virginia, rural residents band together for Internet service | WOUB

Partners in Broadband hopes to connect local telcos, municipalities, and electrics/utilities to facilitate partnerships for rural broadband deployment.  | Telecompetitor; View Website HERE

The Gigabit Opportunity (GO) Act, introduced by Rep. Collins (R-Ga.) would allow companies to "defer capital gains taxes when they converted those gains into 'long-time' investments into designated Gigabit Opportunity Zones." | Broadcasting & Cable

Cisco releases white paper presenting some of the main findings of its global IP traffic forecast and explores implications.  Report highlights growing mobile and Wi-Fi traffic, which will soon surpass wired device traffic; CDN traffic; and video as the killer app. | View report HERE; Tech Policy Daily Summary HERE

"Prince George County, Virginia, and its electric cooperative recently entered into an agreement that will allow Prince George Electric Cooperative (PGEC) to offer Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) to certain areas in the county." | Community Networks 

Indiana Gov. signs the 'Facilitating Internet Broadband Rural Expansion' (FIBRE) Act, which will allow "electric cooperatives with easements for electric lines to use those same easement for fiber infrastructure." | Community Networks

"American Hispanics are still less likely to access the internet" | Re/Code

FCC Open Meeting Agenda for June 22, 2017 Available HERE

"Apple, Moving In on Prestige TV, Poaches Two Sony Executives" | N.Y. Times

"[Netflix] now has more American subscribers than there are total coaxial cable subscribers." | Broadband Reports

"Brooklyn’s Latest Craze: Making Your Own Electric Grid; Using the same technology that makes Bitcoin possible, neighbors are buying and selling renewable energy to each other." | Politico Magazine

"U.S. Invests $258 Million in Supercomputing Race With China; Energy Department to award cash to six tech companies to develop world’s fastest computers" | WSJ
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