October 31, 2017

Chairman Pai announces busy agenda for November Open Meeting on November 9, 2017: Unlawful robocalls; Order to make available more high-frequency spectrum; Next generation of broadcast television; Elimination of historic preservation rule for pole replacement to speed infrastructure deployment; Transition from copper networks through changes to pole attachment rules; Media ownership rules; and Lifeline subsidies. | View Agenda; Pai Commentary

View proposed Lifeline Fact Sheet and Order under consideration HERE

View proposed changes to Pole Attachment Rules and Other Proposals "to accelerate the deployment of next-generation networks and services by removing regulatory barriers to infrastructure investment; to speed the transition from legacy copper networks and services to next-generation fiber-based networks and services; and to eliminate Commission regulations that raise costs and slow broadband deployment." | Fact Sheet and Order and Request for Comments HERE

View proposed Replacement Utility Poles Report and Order HERE

FCC Commissioner Clyburn on majority's Lifeline proposal: "If the goal of the current FCC majority is to widen existing divides, and ensure that our nation's most vulnerable are less likely to be connected, this item sets us on that path." | Full statement HERE

"Big Telecom Spent $200,000 to Try to Prevent a Colorado Town From Even Talking About a City-Run Internet" | Vice

"Verizon asks FCC to preempt any state privacy or net neutrality law; FCC should declare state broadband laws invalid, Verizon tells commission." | Ars Technica

CTC Technology and Energy report "analyzes the current and emerging generation of mobile wireless technologies and compares those technologies to wireline technologies such as fiber‐to‐the‐premises(FTTP), cable broadband, and copper DSL. . . .The report concludes that, for both technical and business reasons, wireless technologies are not now, and will not be in the near to medium future, adequate alternatives or substitutes for wireline broadband." | View full report HERE

View Order and NPRM regarding "Use of Spectrum Bands Above 24 GHz for Mobile Radio Services" HERE

Is fiber a necessity for a smart city?  Not necessarily.  "Nobody is a bigger proponent of fiber than I am, but fiber is not necessarily needed for many of the concepts that are part of this high-tech vision." | POTs and PANs

"T-Mobile & Google Loon Bring Wireless to Puerto Rico" | Broadband Reports

"Comcast's Wireless Service Now Has 250,000 Subscribers" | Broadband Reports 

"Comcast’s TV Subscriber Losses Accelerate, but Earnings Rise; AT&T, Charter also reported continued declines of pay-TV subscribers, signaling shift in consumer preferences" | WSJ

Mergers:  FCC approves CenturyLink/Level 3 merger; Sprint/T-Mobile merger called off
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