November 16, 2017

"The FCC could kill US net neutrality as soon as December" :: TNW

"FCC to gut rules that help keep your DSL, POTS line working"; industry says wireless is good enough, and Commr. Pai proposes to eliminate the functional test  :: DSLReports   

"FCC's latest gift to telcos could leave Americans with worse Internet access  ::  Ars Technica

"FCC Suggested Policies to 'Bridge the Digital Divide' Do No Such Thing" :: NDIA

"ALEC Urges FCC to Block State Broadband Laws" :: DigitalNewsDaily

Gigi Sohn:  "The FCC is having a terrible month, and consumers will pay the price :: The Verge

Statement of Commr. Clyburn:  "FCC Majority's Assault on Pro-Consumer Policies Continues" :: Benton Foundation

"Senators Call for Impartial Investigation into Potential Quid Pro Quo between Chairman Ajit Pai, Trump Administration, and Sinclair Broadcasting":  "In their letter to the inspector general, the senators point out 16 actions and events that suggest a disturbing pattern of a three way quid pro quo involving Sinclair, the Trump Administration, and Chairman Ajit Pai. Many of the actions taken by Chairman Pai have overturned decades-long, settled legal precedent."   ::  Benton Foundation, Statement of Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA)


"City of San Francisco to Get Internet Makeover with FTTP" ::  progrss

MetroNet to build FTTP in Lexington, KY :: Lexington Herald-Leader

In San Antonio, Google Fiber drops gigabit pricing to $55/mo; replaces pay TV with OTT YouTube TV, and provides Wi-Fi router :: Telecompetitor

Verizon bumping base tier to 100 Mbps in some FiOS markets :: DSL Reports

"Congress takes piecemeal approach to expanding broadband Internet access"  :: Washington Examiner

Verizon shows off fixed 5G trials -- "It's clear Verizon's fixed 5G service is still very much in the oven, but Verizon says the restrictive usage caps and throttling we've seen previously should be a thing of the past." ::  DSLReports  ::  PC Magazine

"Amazon reportedly cancels plans to launch 'skinny bundle' TV streaming service"  :: IBT

Sinclair deal debated on Hill :: Broadcasting & Cable

Brooking Report on "Digitalization and the American Workforce" :: Brookings

"Why a DOJ vs. AT&T-Time Warner Case Could Be a Close Call"  ::  Wall Street Journal

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