November 22, 2017

"Without Net Neutrality, What Happens to My Netflix?"  -- "In Portgual (and in Spain), mobile providers offer packages that count data differently based on the apps you want to use. Want streaming video like Netflix and Hulu? If you don’t want to pay exorbitant data fees, add on that $10 package. Want to access sites like Facebook at cheap rates? Just pay our monthly 'social-network package” fee.' . . .

"Consider, for instance, if AT&T and Time Warner merge, a move which the DOJ is planning to sue over. That means that an ISP owns HBO. Maybe AT&T customers will be blocked from Netflix and strong-armed into using HBO as their streaming-video provider. It seems nuts, right? But that’s an internet without net neutrality." :: select/all

End of net neutrality "a win for 5G":  “5G will employ sophisticated mechanisms to handle different kinds of traffic flows, enabling 5G to address a wider range of use cases than prior technology generations, such as 3G and 4G ... Many of the applications envisioned for 5G are of a control nature, needing minimal delay and high reliability. These applications will depend on traffic prioritization, a capability constrained by current net neutrality rules.” :: FierceWireless

"The End of Net Neutrality is Not the End of the World -- "I used to favor net neutrality, but I now think we’re at the point where we’ll do just fine without it," says George Mason Univ. economics professor :: Bloomberg

"In addition to ditching its own net neutrality rules, the Federal Communications Commission also plans to tell state and local governments that they cannot impose local laws regulating broadband service." :: Ars Technica

"To Save Net Neutrality, We Must Build Our Own Internet -- We must end our reliance on big telecom monopolies and build decentralized, affordable, locally owned internet infrastructure" :: VICE

"AT&T said during its third-quarter earnings call that it is on schedule to reach 7 million locations with gigabit-capable fiber before the end of the year." :: FierceTelecom

Springfield, IL lobbies to exclude municipally owned utilities from small cell fee limits under state legislation :: State Journal-Register

"Pennsylvania, Illinois Grapple With Small Cell Legislation" :: WirelessWeek

"5G:  Maybe We're Getting Ahead of Ourselves" :: Telecompetitor

"If they build 5G, the money will come ... right?" :: FierceWireless

"CBRS hype 'much ado about not very much'" :: FierceWireless

Susan Crawford:  "Why the Government is Right to Block the AT&T-Time Warner Merger" -- "[Randall Stephenson] thought he had it in the bag.  He doesn't.  Unless AT&T drops its efforts to buy Time Warner, this will be a major, multiyear piece of litigation.  And AT&T will lose"  :: Wired

Smart city Readiness Challenge Grant offered by Smart Cities Council, applications due December 15 :: GCN

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