December 1, 2017


Cory Doctorow:  "Net Neutrality is just for starters.  Municipal networks are the path to paradise" :: BoingBoing

"Local Coops Help Keep Internet Under Public Control as Net Neutrality Repeal Looms" :: The Uptake

Community owned FTTH in Anacortes, WA, in partnership with NoaNet :: Fiber Broadband Association

Manhattan Beach, CA exploring municipal broadband network :: EasyReaderNews

Greeley and Windsor, CO explore community broadband options following favorable vote :: Government Technology

Op-Ed from Commr. Carr:  "No, the FCC is Not Killing the Internet" :: Washington Post

"The reason Pai’s decision is the wrong one is not because the lack of net neutrality is, prima facie, a bad thing. Rather, it’s because we don’t have anything close to free market conditions in the U.S. when it comes to broadband." :: Forbes

"FCC Net Neutrality Repeal Faces One Hell of a Court Fight"; "Should the FCC successfully run this legal gauntlet, it still has to find a way to prevent future FCC's in the post Trump era from simply re-establishing the rules via another 3-2 party line vote. That's why you'll likely see a push for a new net neutrality law in the new year backed by ISPs like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T.  Said law will profess to "fix" the problem ISP lobbyists created by imposing a new net neutrality law that looks good on the surface, but will be so loophole-filled as to be largely useless ...Such a flimsy law would, however, prevent the FCC from revisiting the subject down the road. Expect ISP-loyal politicians, academics, think tankers, consultants, lobbyists and other policy parrots to begin making a hard push for this new law in the new year -- just as the multiple lawsuits against the FCC begin to truly heat up." :: DSLReports

More on court decision invalidating Nashville "one touch make ready" rule :: Ars Technica


T-Mobile "contracted 28,000 small cells to be deployed in the short term," focusing on partnerships with fiber providers:  "You can do small cells in so many different ways, and I think we have a little bit of a different approach when it comes to small cells ... We found the best way to do that is to partner with fiber providers...that not only build and bring that fiber to you, but also build those small cells for you. And that is a very efficient way to actually get to the point when you go from having a few (small cells) to having tens of thousands in the network." :: FierceWireless :: DSLReports

Macquarie Capital and Rivada Networks join forces on alternative to FirstNet :: FierceWireless

"Why Verizon's 5G Home Internet Service Isn't Coming to You Anytime Soon" -- "The new home-oriented service would be a so-called triple play, offering gigabit-speed Internet, a cable TV-like channel bundle, and voice telephone service at a 'competitive' but 'premium' price"; analysts expect slow deployment: "Future market rollouts will depend in part on negotiations with cities and early commercial results"  :: Fortune :: FierceWireless

Using mobile LTE traffic levels to predict the deployment of small cells :: FierceWireless


Virginia Municipal League wants to extend state's 5% communication sales and use tax, applicable to cable, cell phone, satellite TV, etc., to video and audio streaming :: WAVY.com

TDG predicts traditional MVPD / pay TV market penetration to fall from 85% of U.S. homes this year to 60% in 2030; "Virtual MVPD penetration, meanwhile, will grow from 4% of U.S. homes to 14% during that span – “up 350% but from a very small base,” TDG said" :: Multichannel News


"AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink's Q3 business revenues see 'worst result since the recession ended'" :: FierceTelecom

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