December 7, 2017


City of Albuquerque releases RFI for Central Avenue broadband project :: Online Vendor Registration

"Telemedicine Could Trump Economic Development for Driving Community Broadband" :: Government Technology

"The FCC's net neutrality plan may have even bigger ramifications in light of this obscure court case" -- "A company that provides Internet access, such as AT&T, could seek an exemption from FTC net neutrality enforcement by pointing to its voice business and claiming common carrier status under the ruling. At the same time, the ruling could limit AT&T's net neutrality liability under the FCC, because the repeal of the net neutrality rules would mean the FCC would no longer recognize AT&T's broadband business as one that can be regulated like a telecommunications carrier." :: Washington Post 

. . . "Almost immediately after this court ruling the formerly unthinkable happened and the FCC now wants to walk away from regulating broadband – the most important of the common carrier activities of AT&T and other ISPs. In doing so, the FCC argues that the FTC will be able to take over the regulation of issues like privacy, billing abuses, excessive rates, etc. However, the 2016 court ruling says that the FTC has no jurisdiction over any of the actions of a common carrier like AT&T." :: POTs and PANs

"FCC Whacking the Lifeline Program" :: POTs and PANs

Impact of net neutrality repeal on rural America :: KWSN

"Why the FCC's Free-Market Argument for Repealing Net Neutrality Doesn't Hold Up" :: Fast Company

"Currently, seven million of AT&T high speed broadband locations are served over fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP), with the remainder served over fiber-to-the-node. By 2019, the company expects to have FTTP available to more than 12.5 million locations, and eventually expects to reach at least 14 million locations." ::


"Network Densification Efforts Will Result in 100 to 350 Small Cells per Square Kilometer" :: Telecompetitor

"Verizon 5G plans will target 30M homes outside of FiOS markets with fixed gigabit wireless" :: Telecompetitor

Sacramento:  "The deal local leaders struck gives 101 small cell towers to Verizon in exchange for a $100 million investment in the city’s technological infrastructure." :: Sacramento News & Review

Gigabit fixed wireless in Portland, Maine:  "Wireless internet service provider (WISP) Redzone Wireless said today that it will achieve gigabit speeds by combining three spectrum bands – licensed 2.5 GHz spectrum and unlicensed spectrum in the 5GHz and 60 GHz millimeter wave bands." :: Telecompetitor

Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen to step down to focus on wireless :: DSLReports

Small cells in Denver :: 9NEWS.com


SNL Kagan (2016 report):  Retransmission payments to leap 55% to $11.6B by 2022; "That's up from $7.7B this year, [2016] which is 20% more than distributors paid in 2015... Distributors paid less than $1 billion a year for local stations as recently as 2009"   :: Deadline.com

NCTC partners with MobiTV to make available app-based pay-TV platform to members :: Telecompetitor 


"Legg great choice for USDA position" :: Richmond Register

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