December 8, 2017


"Internet Discrimination is a 'Feature,' Not a Problem, Says FCC Chief" :: Daily Yonder

"ISP disclosures about data caps and fees eliminated by net neutrality repeal" :: Ars Technica

"Congress can't 'fix' net neutrality with a new bill" -- "That may sound like a good idea, but in the end it’s the same old game of 'repeal and (don’t really) replace.' ... [W]e have a good law already. It’s called Title II of the Communications Act." ::  The Hill

"Five Reasons Chairman Pai Says Gutting Net Neutrality Helps Startups and Why They're All Nonsense"  -- "Despite Pai’s frequent boasts about how economically rigorous his commission is, he doesn’t bother citing any empirical studies to justify his position — he can’t even point to the type of bogus analysis he routinely uses to support his emphatically anti-competition policies. Instead, the FCC accepts as fact the unsupported assertions from telecom companies and think tanks that allowing ISPs to leverage their gatekeeper power to extract priority access fees from websites will somehow benefit small websites." :: Medium

E-Rate funding in question :: New America


More on Sprint-Altice deal:  Sprint to serve as network operator for Altice MVNO offering, Altice to provide fiber backhaul for small cells;  "[W]e’ll build small-cell sites in their footprint that will hang over aerial cable; .... It doesn’t involve permitting. So there is a time-to-market element that is really valuable to us." :: FierceWireless

"A newly released survey of mobile operators suggests that small cell deployments will jump 22-fold by 2025 compared to 2015 levels." :: WirelessWeek

"Verizon looks at 5G markets where municipalities are progressive about new tech" :: FierceWireless

"T-Mobile Mocks Verizon's 'Unrealistic' 5G Plans" :: DSLReports

Podcast:  Is 5G Internet All Hype? :: Grounded Reason

"5G raising some of the ghosts of WiMAX" :: FierceWireless

Comcast's new Wi-Fi gateway positioned to be smart home hub :: Telecompetitor

"A worldwide look at the 5G spectrum bands under consideration"  :: FierceWireless

New Hampshire becomes first state to opt out of FirstNet :: FierceWireless

New screenless, voice-driven mobile phone for parents and kids: "We talk about it as a nationwide, screenless walkie-talkie device  made for parents and kids to keep connected" :: FierceWireless


"Disintegration of the World Wide Web" -- "The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), which represent the emerging major economies of the world are planning to create their own DNS routing" :: POTs and PANs

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