December 12, 2017


"More than 100 Million Americans Can Only Get Internet Service from Companies That Have Violated Net Neutrality" --  "A free market approach might have worked if we actually had competition" :: VICE

"Net neutrality is on its way out.  But that might not be so bad for Sacramento": "What it comes down to is increased competition as a way of keeping telecommunications companies in check." :: Sacramento Bee

"Republican Commissioners and Chairman Ajit Pai justify the decision by claiming that the market will naturally protect subscribers from predatory big ISP behavior. Unfortunately, the FCC’s own numbers disprove their theory. We dug into the data that reveals how 177 million Americans will be left without any market protection following net neutrality repeal." :: Community Networks

"Could municipal broadband provide another way online if net neutrality rules go away?"  Marketplace

Prof. Lessig:  "[T]here is a deep but obvious link between the internet we want and the democracy we should have."  Medium

"If you’re scared of a future America without net neutrality, I want to terrify you. The potential repeal of what should be a civic right should chill you to the bone. [T]here is more than one future you should fear, and it isn’t just one that involves the (falsely reported) Portuguese internet where we pay $4.99 for access to streaming video. Don’t get me wrong – it’s totally possible, and not remotely the worst thing that could happen." :: TechCrunch

"Time to take a breath and chill about net neutrality" :: FierceWireless

"Public Knowledge calls FCC, FTC net neutrality agreement 'honor system' for broadband" :: Public Knowledge

"The Hypocritical Dishonesty of the Net Neutrality Campaign" :: The Federalist

"Burlington residents have every right to wonder what happened to the promise of an open and public process for picking a buyer for Burlington Telecom." :: Community Networks

"Frontier Adds Bogus $2 'Internet Infrastructure Surcharge'" :: DSLReports


"C Spire Fixed Wireless Launch:  Five-Mile Range Using Unlicensed Spectrum" :: Telecompetitor


YouTube TV expands to 34 new markets :: Android Police

"What is YouTube TV, which channels does it offer, and how does it work?" :: Pocket-lint

"Customers taking C Spire fixed wireless service will have the option of purchasing the company’s new streaming TV service, dubbed C Spire TV, for $65 a month with a standard channel package.... C Spire TV uses the company’s previously announced app, which eliminates the need for a set-top box." :: Telecompetitor


Corning acquires 3M's communications markets division :: FierceTelecom

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