December 14, 2017


Ookla:  "The world’s mobile download speed increased 30.1% in 2017. Fixed broadband downloads increased 31.6%" :: Ookla

U.S. home Internet service penetration plateaus at 84% :: Multichannel News

"Rural providers pledge support" for FCC net neutrality repeal :: FierceTelecom

"Ending net neutrality could be a boon for Fort Collins municipal broadband" :: Coloradoan

"Net neutrality won't save the Internet.  Competition will" :: Tom's Guide

Harold Feld:  "Can the FTC Really Handle Net Neutrality?  Let's Check Against the 4 Most Famous Violations" :: Tales of the Sausage Factory

"No, the FTC CANNOT Have a Ban On All ISP Blocking" :: Tales of the Sausage Factory

Tim Berners-Lee:  "Act now to save the internet as we know it" :: Medium

"Netflix Backs Away From Fight Over Internet Rules Now That Traffic is Flowing -- Video giant has addressed its main concerns by striking deals; 'It's not our primary battle at this point'" :: Wall Street Journal (sub. req.)

AT&T testing Project AirGig in Georgia :: Telecompetitor :: Reuters

"AT&T Says Gigabit Fiber Now Available to 7 Million Locations" :: DSLReports

Speeds of 3.5 Mbps achieved over 6.5 feet of wet string:  "There is no commercial potential that we are aware of" :: DSLReports


Illinois towns, counties urge governor to veto Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act :: Daily Herald

Update on FirstNet:  "Some states have balked at FirstNet’s terms of service in recent weeks, though, and some major states—including California, which is the most populous in the nation—remain on the fence. And cities and towns in states that opt in won’t automatically be required to fall in line; they can instead choose to go with another service. So the fight to meet the needs of those users is expected to continue long past the Dec. 28 deadline." :: FierceWireless

"The 5G Network Probably Won't Be Good Enough for Self-Driving Cars --- Car-to-car meshnets could enable self-driving cars where there's no internet" :: Motherboard

More on Verizon's 5G plans :: POTs and PANs


"T-Mobile is Launching a TV Service Next Year" :: AP

"Why T-Mobile's New TV Streaming Service Will Fail" :: Forbes

"TV is now clearly the wireless industry's new battleground" :: FierceWireless


"It's super hard to find humans in the FCC's net neutrality comments" :: Wired

More on recent One Touch Make Ready court decision:  "A Further Muddying for Pole Attachments" :: POTs and PANs

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