December 21, 2017


"Britain just guaranteed broadband internet access to all homes and businesses" :: The Week

"A Hawaiian Politician is Introducing a Bill That Would Encourage Creation of Locally Owned Broadband Networks" -- "One option [in response to NN ruling] is to reject corporate internet service providers altogether, and control the internet ourselves" :: Motherboard

"The FCC's Next Stunt:  Reclassifying Cell Phone Data Service as 'Broadband Internet'" :: Motherboard

"Net neutrality controversy began in Portland"; debate shaped by open access fight against AT&T in 1998 :: OregonLive

"New York State to Introduce Net Neutrality Bill" :: DSLReports

"Sorry, Ajit Pai:  Smaller Telcos Did Not Reduce Investment After [Net Neutrality] Ruling" :: Net Policy News

"NAACP Fought Net Neutrality Until Last Week, Now Suddenly Supports the Idea" :: TechDirt


"Ultra-fast 5G wireless service declared national security priority by White House" -- "Tucked away in a section on improving America’s infrastructure was this action item: 'We will improve America’s digital infrastructure by deploying a secure 5G Internet capability nationwide.' Other than natural gas, 5G wireless service was the only area of technology to get a specific calling out for infrastructure." :: TechCrunch :: FierceWireless

40 states have opted in to FirstNet :: Law360

"The Rise and Fall of WiMax" -- "WiMAX, with all of its promise, had sputtered and failed as a cellular network in the US, and rarely finds use currently in the US. However, overseas, WiMAX has found a niche, and gets deployed as a “last mile” backhaul solution. Rather than competing with Wi-Fi, today WiMAX complements it to connect Wi-Fi hotspots, or cellular towers. In fact, there are even antennas that can handle both 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and WiMAX connections."  :: DSLReports

ITS Telecom, an independent telco serving rural Florida, "launches whole home Wi-Fi, eyes carrier smart home opportunities" :: Telecompetitor

AT&T asks FCC for authority to conduct 5G tests using 3.5 GHz CBRS spectrum in Washington, D.C. :: FierceWireless

Commercializing LTE in the 3.5 GHz band :: FierceWireless


"Amazon may be considering a video streaming service" to compete with YouTubeTV, etc :: Neowin

"CenturyLink Launches OTT TV App for Fire TV Devices" -- Multichannel News

YouTube TV to launch Roku and Apple TV apps in 2018 :: CNET

"AT&T Lays Off 700 DirecTV Installers for the Holidays" -- "The layoffs come as AT&T begins shifting its attention from traditional TV delivery methods (DirecTV satellite, AT&T IPTV), and toward streaming video services like DirecTV Now. AT&T is also planning another new, wireless-centric streaming video effort to be launched sometime in the new year." :: DSLReports

New "Stream+" device "aims to cater to cord-cutters by integrating support for both OTT apps and TV channels that can be captured for free, over-the-air." :: Multichannel News

NBCUniversal gets streaming rights to 'Sunday Night Football' :: Multichannel News

ESPN gets streaming rights to 'Monday Night Football' :: Multichannel News


"TV is now clearly the wireless industry's new battleground" :: FierceWireless

"What's New With Fiber Optics?" :: POTs and PANs


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