December 22, 2017


"New York City Broadband RFI Generates Strong Response" :: Government Technology

Tacoma City Council resolution urges Tacoma Public Utility to "contractually require" all ISPs that use the (publicly owned) Click! network to "abide by the Click! Network's Open Internet Policy supporting net neutrality" :: The News Tribune

"New York has a clever fix to the FCC killing net neutrality" -- state legislation "will force state and local government to only do business with internet service providers that adhere to the principles of net neutrality. It will prevent any ISP that wants a government contract from blocking content, providing paid prioritization, or doing anything that breaches the concept of a 'common carrier.'" :: BGR

"Comcast's $50 Billion Investment Claim is Empty Rhetoric" -- "If Comcast continues increasing capital expenditures by the same rate as it did with net neutrality rules in place, the company would easily break the $50 billion figure that Roberts attributed to the net neutrality repeal and tax break" ::  Ars Technica :: DSLReports

"Net Neutrality Repeal Threatens Some States More Than Others" :: ILSR

Charter repeatedly tells man Internet is available at his new home -- then says it will cost $16,000 to connect :: Ars Technica

"Catching up with Lincoln [Neb.] on Fiber, 5G and US IGNITE" - podcast with David Young :: ILSR

"Connecting the Last Frontier" -- "FCC's regulatory refocus should shift agency's emphasis to rural development" :: Multichannel News

FTTH broadband passed 35M new homes in 2017, according to RVA study :: FierceTelecom


"Sprint is the worst carrier money can buy, Consumer Reports says" :: BGR

First 5G standard approved :: WirelessWeek


"Wave Broadband files FCC complaint over Comcast RSNs," alleging that Comcast’s NBC Sports regional sports networks (part of its NBCUniversal division) are engaging in unfair business practices by forcing it to include the channels on its most basic tier :: Multichannel News

"Netflix subscriber total will soon surpass cable TV" :: DSLReports


"Tesla starts deploying more charging stations directly with municipalities" :: electrek

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