January 9, 2018


Trump lays out rural broadband plan :: FierceTelecom :: Multichannel News

"Presidential Executive Order on Streamlining and Expediting Requests to locate Broadband Facilities in Rural America," focusing on wireless facility siting on Federal property :: The White House

"Trump Rural Broadband Initiatives:   Where's the Beef?" :: Telecompetitor

FCC touts CAF 2 auction for rural electric cooperatives to deploy broadband :: Remarks of Jay Schwartz to NRECA

"Slower Speeds, Less Access:  The Public Agency Response to Rural Broadband" :: Daily Yonder

"Big ISPs Raise Broadband Prices" :: POTs and PANs

In the midst of price increase announcement from Comcast and others for 2018, gigabit subscribers in Longmont, Colorado, are enjoying a price decrease from their publicly owned network, NextLight." :: ILSR

"Arlington, Virginia Delivers Digital Inclusion" :: ILSR

"Will San Francisco's City-Wide Fiber Optic Network Succeed?  10 Tech Pros Weigh In" :: Forbes

Parsing the FCC's net neutrality repeal order :: Broadcasting & Cable

Senate Democrats able to force vote to restore net neutrality; passage unlikely, but "[a] vote would keep net neutrality in the spotlight as Democrats prepare to make the repeal a campaign issue in the November elections" :: Ars Technica

"Net Neutrality Loss Could Rekindle ISP Alternatives for Internet Access," including "public broadband" :: Scientific American

More on FCC's likely redefinition of "broadband":  "The commission also could opt to consider a geographic area to be “served” by broadband if mobile service supporting the appropriate speeds is available in the area – even if fixed service is not available at those speeds." :: Telecompetitor :: DSLReports

Michael Copps:  "The year just past will go down in history as the worst ever for official communications policy. . . . Truth be told, a lot of people who voted for Trump didn’t do so because they like higher cable and broadband rates, a gate-keeper internet, monopoly media markets, or assaults on consumer privacy protections. Too bad Trump and Pai don’t get this." :: Benton Foundation


"FirstNet and AT&T moving forward with IoT, smart city offerings" :: FierceWireless

"Starry opts for Wi-Fi tech rather than 5G to keep costs low" :: FierceWireless


"Comcast Under Fire For Using Sneaky Fees to Jack Up Rates" :: DSLReports

"Frontier's Bogus 'Internet Infrastructure Surcharge'" :: DSLReports


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