January 10, 2018


Federal Reserve hosting a webinar tomorrow on broadband development under the Community Reinvestment Act: "This Connecting Communities webinar will highlight possible opportunities for financial institutions to receive CRA consideration and take advantage of new opportunities to help close the digital divide across communities and improve economic stability."  Thursday Jan. 11, 3 p.m. ET  ::  Broadband Under the Community Reinvestment Act

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, on rural broadband :: CNN

. . . USDA task force report to the President, calling for better "E-connectivity" in rural areas :: USDA

"Rural Broadband:  Help or Hoax?" -- "[A]ctually doing something to improve Internet connectivity in rural areas of the U.S. seems to be, if anything, less likely under the Trump administration. ... All this discussion of rural broadband being important seems to come down to a cynical parroting of concern for those in rural areas who lack real broadband Internet without any real effort on their behalf." :: Light Reading

"Trump's Rural Broadband Order Doesn't Do Much of Anything New" :: DSLReports

"Verizon CTO:  We won't accelerate network capex due to new corporate tax rate" :: Fierce

"Boulder City Council may not have appetite for broadband ballot measure in 2018" :: Denver Post

"AT&T and Comcast finalize court victory over Nashville and Google Fiber" :: Ars Technica

"We Used Broadband Data We Shouldn't Have -- Here's What Went Wrong" :: FiveThirtyEight

"Democrats will force the Senate to debate net neutrality -- but they don't have the votes to restore the rules." :: Recode :: VICE

Overview of FCC BDAC Competitive Access Subcommittee draft report :: POTs and PANs


"AT&T Smart Cities Portfolio Now Includes Infrastructure Monitoring" :: Telecompetitor


ATSC approves next-generation ATSC 3.0 TV standard :: FierceCable


Brookings report:  "Localities will deliver the next wave of transportation investment" :: Brookings

FCC's January 2018 Open Meeting Tentative Agenda, including CAF 2 auction procedures :: FCC Open Meeting Agenda

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