January 11, 2018


"Community-Owned Fiber Networks:  Value Leaders in America" --New Berkman Center report shows municipal broadband  provides least expensive local broadband:

"We examined prices advertised by a subset of community-owned networks that use fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) technology. In late 2015 and 2016 we collected advertised prices for residential data plans offered by 40 community-owned (typically municipally-owned) FTTH networks. We then identified the least-expensive service that meets the federal definition of broadband (regardless of the exact speeds provided) and compared advertised prices to those of private competitors in the same markets. ... [T]he community-owned FTTH providers’ pricing was lower when the service costs and fees were averaged over four years. ... We also found that almost all community-owned FTTH networks offered prices that were clear and unchanging, whereas private ISPs typically charged initial low promotional or “teaser” rates that later sharply rose, usually after 12 months." :: Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University

"The Coming Fiber Construction Boom" :: Light Reading

"FCC plan to lower broadband standards is met with 'Mobile Only Challenge' - Many say that mobile can't replace cable or fiber, but FCC may think otherwise" :: Ars Technica

"Defining Success in the Connect America Fund Phase II Auction" :: Benton Foundation

Profile of southern Ontario's SWIFT broadband consortium of municipalities, set to connect almost 3.5 million people (10% of Canada's population); "The SWIFT initiative has been compared to rural electrification in southern Ontario in the 1920s and 1930s"; COO position available :: Simcoe Reformer

"I keep being asked by people 'Harold, can you please summarize the last 20 years of net neutrality for me while I stand on one foot?' Usually I answer: “do not do unto other packets what you find hateful for your favorite bitstream. The rest is commentary — located at 47 C.F.R. Part 8.” ::  A brief tour of the history of net neutrality at Tales of the Sausage Factory

CenturyLink:  Broadband expansion will focus on higher speeds, dense areas :: Fierce

"Under its current pace, Cox expects to offer gigabit speeds to 99% of homes on its network by the end of 2019." :: Multichannel News


Connected car manufacturers pushing for 5G to be standard communications conduit; net neutrality and safety concerns an issue :: CityLab

U.S. Cellular using LTE for  rural fixed wireless broadband service (5-10Mbps), says CEO, "There is more than enough spectrum and technical ability in the LTE and voice over LTE world to meet the demands of this market.... I don't need 5G to do that." :: Telecompetitor

Using sound, instead of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, for near-field communications :: Wired


"ATSC 3.0 Television Standard Finalized, Merges Broadband with Local Broadcast Video" :: Telecompetitor

"The Crowded MVPD Market" -- "This proliferation of online options spells increased pressure for traditional cable providers." :: POTs and PANs


"Surveillance and Privacy Debate Reaches Pivotal Moment in Congress" :: New York Times


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