January 17, 2018


"Community Broadband:  Privacy, Access, and Local Control" :: Electronic Frontier Foundation

NY Attorney General, with coalition of 22 attorneys general, files suit in D.C. Circuit to stop net neutrality rollback :: Attorney General Eric. P. Schneiderman

. . . Free Press, Public Knowledge, New America OTI, and Mozilla file protective petitions for review in D.C. Circuit  :: Free Press :: Public Knowledge :: New America OTI :: Mozilla (from Benton Foundation)

"The Republicans had Obamacare.   The Democrats have net neutrality." :: Washington Post

"How progressive federalism can help preserve net neutrality" :: Vox

"Spiting Trump's anti-net neutrality stance, some cities opt to build their own telecoms" :: Salon

"Six States Have Proposed Net Neutrality Laws With More Coming" :: DSLReports

"Blackburn Doubles Down on a Decade of Lies As She Pushes Fake Net Neutrality Law" :: TechDirt

Op-ed from Reps. Blackburn (R-TN) and Walden (R-OR) outlining a series of legislation ostensibly to promote broadband expansion :: Medium

"Chairman Pai proposes over $500 million in funding to promote rural broadband deployment" :: FCC 

. . .  "According to an FCC spokesman, the funding would include about $180 million for the current funding year for the nation’s smaller rate-of-return (ROR) carriers who get their support through traditional legacy mechanisms and up to $360 million over the next 10 years to ROR carriers who receive support based on the A-CAM cost model." :: Telecompetitor

"Experimentation is the Watchword as Communities Seek to Close Adoption Gaps" :: Benton Foundation


"5G coming to indoor small cells" :: RCR Wireless News


"With the slow but steady increase in cord cutting, telecom sector analyst Craig Moffett [said] that the lack of moderation in this year's hikes are worse than 'self-defeating.'" :: DSLReports

"Verizon's streaming TV service will consist of multiple standalone apps" :: Android Central


"Self-driving Cars and Broadband Networks" -- "The whole smart-city effort is now migrating to smart edge devices rather than exchanging massive data with the cloud. As an example, the latest technology for smart traffic control places smart processors at each intersection rather than sending full-time video to the cloud for processing. The electronics at a smart intersection will only communicate with the hub when it has something to report, like an accident or a car that has run a red light. That requires far less data, meaning far less demand for broadband than sending everything to the cloud. It’s hard to think that smart-cars – which will be the biggest source of raw data yet imagined – would not follow this same trend towards smart edge devices." :: POTs and PANs

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