January 23, 2018


"Want to Topple Telecom Oligopolies?   Support Locally Owned Broadband" :: Fast Company

"Next Generation Broadband for Western North Carolina" - speech by Blair Levin :: Benton Foundation

House Commerce Committee, led by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), introduces multiple broadband bills, including HR 4847 implementing a "deemed granted" remedy for wireless applications under Section 6409 shot clock :: House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee

"Big Telcos and Rural Customers" -- "What this means for rural customer of the big telcos is that good broadband is not coming. Many households are going to be offered somewhat faster DSL or else cellular broadband from the CAF II upgrades – but that’s a one-time upgrade and it’s unlikely that these companies are going to do any more upgrades beyond this one-time shot." :: POTs and PANs

"Ajit Pai's FCC Can't Admit Broadband Competition is a Problem"  :: DSLReports

"FCC's Clyburn Not Buying What Pai's Selling" :: Light Reading

"Europe Urges US to Block Trump on Net Neutrality" :: Light Reading

"Montana Won't Do Business with Net Neutrality Violating ISPs" :: DSLReports

More perspectives on California Advanced Services Fund:  "California broadband subsidy program heads for the deep freeze" :: Tellus Venture Associates

. . . "Blame game won't stop California broadband subsidy giveaway" :: Tellus Venture Associates


"See How the Telecom Industry is Quietly Changing the Shape of Our Cities" -- pics of small cell installations in Bay Area :: Fast Company

"Deutsche Telekom predicts 5G will integrate carriers closer into public and private sectors" :: VentureBeat

"Has the 5G Upturn Begun?" :: Light Reading

"GOP Lawmakers Float Unlicensed Spectrum, Gigabit WiFi Study" :: WirelessWeek


"Pay TV  lost 845k linear subs in Q4" :: FierceCable

"Hulu and YouTube vMVPDs up to 450k and 300k subscriptions, respectively" :: FierceCable


"Comcast NBC Conditions Expire Raising Anti-Competitive Concerns" :: DSLReports

"As Telemedicine Spreads, Experts Say Louisiana Law Needs More Clarity" :: Government Techology

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