January 31, 2018


"Trump didn't say much about tech" in SOTU :: Recode

Tom Wheeler, Nicole Turner-Lee, et al:  "The state of tech policy, one year into the Trump Administration" :: Brookings

Coverage of yesterday's House Communications and Technology subcommittee hearing on rural broadband ::  The Hill ::  Telecompetitor

"$2 billion CAF II Auction Plans Set, Pai Pleads for Participation from Providers of All Types"; auction officially scheduled for July 24; bids may be made on a census block basis :: Telecompetitor

Comparing CAF II with lesser-known A-CAM program for smaller telcos, "a subsidy that works" :: POTs and PANs

San Francisco "put out call for private sector to build a citywide internet network" :: San Francisco Examiner

"Webpass is leaving Boston in latest sign of Google Fiber's shinking ambitions -- Google Fiber isn't just stalling; now it's shrinking" :: The Verge

Owensboro, KY municipal fiber network plans spring FTTH expansion :: ILSR

"Fort Collins starts hiring process for broadband leadership" :: Coloradoan

Peabody (MA) Municipal Light Plant "to design an open fiber system to deliver high-speed data networking to the schools and residential users throughout the city" :: Salem News

Tennessee:  BrightRidge electric utility (formerly Johnson City Power) to offer FTTH and wireless broadband :: Johnson City Press

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signs Executive Order creating the Michigan Consortium for Advanced Networks, "directed to establish a roadmap to help strengthen statewide broadband access and connectivity." :: State of Michigan

New fiber ring connects Dayton-area communities that share 911 systems :: Dayton Daily News

New DOCSIS 3.1 FDX spec addition supports full duplex, up to 5 Gpbs upstream :: Light Reading

"California Senate defies FCC, approves net neutrality law" :: Ars Technica

"Corning ramps production to meet Verizon, other large customers' fiber demands" :: FierceTelecom

Fiber network deployed in Bolivar, MO to support Verizon cell sites; residential fiber service not immediately planned :: BolivarMoNews


CEO of tower company National Wireless Ventures, past president of Illinois Wireless Association:  "Wireless Should Partner, Not Bulldoze Muni's Over Siting" -- "The push to bypass local control will damage this industry’s credibility and reverse a lot of the positive movement this industry has achieved.... [T]his industry needs to work within a give and take atmosphere. We need to be partners with our communities and not adversaries."  :: Inside Towers

"Sprint highlights small cell red tape:  $90k to review 6 sites in Chicago," located in historic districts :: FierceWireless

"Sprint reportedly issuing RFPs for towers, small cells and fiber" :: FierceWireless

"Crown Castle continues to conduct trials into edge computing as low latency is going to be driving a lot of the applications of the future, including augmented reality, autonomous cars and IoT.... '[T]he latency required in order to make those devices work effectively is going to require not only high-speed fiber, dense fiber networks and close proximity to the locations where they are distributed from things like small cells, but it's also going to require computing power at the very edge of the network.'" :: FierceWireless


Shrewsbury [MA] Electric and Cable Operations shifting focus from cable to broadband:  “We are now at a crossroads where we will be pivoting from our primary product of video, or cable television, to our primary product being broadband, and our secondary products being phone and video.” :: Worcester Telegram


"Mnuchin:  Trump open to national internet sales tax" :: Washington Times

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