February 2, 2018


Jon Chambers:  "New York Does Rural Broadband Right" --  "Something extraordinary happened yesterday in the world of rural broadband. The state of New York announced the winning bidders in Phase 3 of its rural broadband auction, and the largest winning bidder was – Verizon. The same Verizon that has for years eschewed rural service, sold off its rural networks, let its copper plant degrade, even refused to rebuild its network on Fire Island after Hurricane Sandy until the residents became hostile. Verizon bid on rural New York territories even after it had turned down FCC funding for those same territories. Two and a half years ago, the FCC tried to get Verizon to provide an anemic 10/1 Mbps internet service by throwing exclusive funding its way, and Verizon refused. Now, Verizon has agreed to build fiber networks in some of those same areas."  :: Conexon

. . . more on New York broadband funding awards ::  Telecompetitor :: HudsonValley360 :: The Register

"The Community Reinvestment Act and Broadband" :: POTs and PANs

"Did Some Consensus Break Out at a House Broadband Hearing?" :: Benton Foundation

Copyright:  Fourth Circuit ruling in Cox v. BMG ISP "safe harbor" case:  "The Fourth Circuit found that a customer could be considered a 'repeat infringer' [for purposes of 512(i)(1)(A)] without a court adjudication of infringement but, notably, the court did not question whether Cox’s 13-step policy was sufficient for safe harbor protection, explaining that it was “mindful of the need to afford ISPs flexibility in crafting repeat infringer policies, and of the difficulty of determining when it is ‘appropriate’ to terminate a person’s access to the Internet.” :: Wiley Rein

"The Hypocrisy of AT&T's 'Internet Bill of Rights'" :: Electronic Frontier Foundation

"San Francisco seeks universal fiber broadband with net neutrality and privacy" :: Ars Technica

Wilson's Greenlight municipal fiber network adopts pay-ahead billing option to enable broadband access particularly among low-income households with low credit ratings" :: ILSR

"Charter says no to Monterey (Mass.)," sending town back to broadband talks with state :: Berkshire Eagle

"Holston Electric Cooperative forms new broadband subsidiary" :: Rogersville Review


"After fuzzy announcements, AT&T and Verizon now have clear 5G roadmaps for 2018" --  "AT&T’s 'mobile' 5G devices will be battery-powered and portable pucks; Verizon’s 'fixed' 5G devices will be wall-powered and designed to be left in a home or small business. In each case, existing computers, tablets, and phones will likely use Wi-Fi to access the 5G cellular connection." :: VentureBeat

Malden, MA City Council passes small cell ordinance :: WickedLocal

Shreveport releases draft small cell ordinance :: Shreveport Times

"Sprint positioned for 'truly awful' fourth quarter" :: FierceWireless


"Massachusetts operator SELCO goes broadband-first after 6-fold increase in retrans fees" :: FierceCable

Study predicts number of broadband-only home to double by 2022 :: DSLReports


"America's Digital Infrastructure is Crumbling, Too" :: BloombergView

"Illinois Releases its First Official Government Report on Blockchain" :: Government Technology

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