February 7, 2018


"Of course a mystery website attacking city-run broadband [in West Plains, MO] was run by an ISP.  Of course." ::  The Register

Holston (TN) Electric Cooperative announces plan to bring broadband to all members :: TimesNews :: WJHL

Riverside (CA) Public Utilities open access municipal fiber network goes live; "The base rate is $125 per strand-mile per month (one mile minimum, by tenth of mile after that), which can fall to $70 with term and volume discounts. Drops, laterals and end points cost $150 per month each." :: Tellus Venture Associates

"South Central Indiana Expects More Co-Op Fiber" :: ILSR

Peabody (MA) Municipal Light Plant's municipal fiber plan "is a clarion call to other communities not already engaged in localizing the Internet to stand up and demand access or, if need be, create it for their residents." :: The Daily Item

"Loveland [CO] pushing ahead on broadband without citywide vote" :: Coloradoan :: Denver Post

"Boulder broadband:  imperative for prosperous future" :: BizWest

"Let's take a look at municipal broadband" - letter to the editor :: Bainbridge Island Review

"California Legislature looks at muni broadband rules.   Beware." :: Tellus Venture Associates

"ISPs must follow net neutrality in New Jersey, governor declares" :: Ars Technica :: DSLReports

"Governor takes steps to protect net neutrality in Hawaii" :: KHON

"Can the States Really Pass Their Own Net Neutrality Laws?  Here's Why I Think Yes." :: Tales of the Sausage Factory

"Are mobile carriers already violating net neutrality?" :: VICE

Analysis of FCC's 2018 Broadband Deployment Report :: Telecompetitor :: FierceTelecom

. . . "New Trump FCC Broadband Report Claims Everything is Wonderful" :: DSLReports

. . .  "Here's Ajit Pai's 'proof' that killing net neutrality created more broadband" -- "[I]t would be impossible for Pai to present evidence today that broadband deployment is increasing as a result of the net neutrality repeal. But the [FCC's 2018 Broadband Deployment] report claims that's exactly what happened anyway and says that future data will bear that out. To support its argument, the report claims that broadband deployment projects that were started during the Obama administration were somehow caused by Pai's deregulatory policies." :: Ars Technica 

Commr. O'Rielly opposed to requiring ISPs to pay into Universal Service Fund :: Multichannel News

More on New NY Broadband funding awards ::  Telecompetitor

"Charter's gigabit cable - starting at $105 -- is coming to over 40 million homes" :: Ars Technica

"Which carriers received the most rural broadband funding in 2017?" :: FierceTelecom

"The Dawson Internet Act of 2018 (it's time we stop calling this the telecom industry)" :: POTs and PANs

"While residential fiber assets were not seen as valuable as metro and long-haul rings, the emergence of 5G wireless could make residential fiber more valuable. This is because 5G wireless will require a large small cell build-out, and Cowen [Equity Partners] estimates 80% of the cost of a small cell solution is the fiber connectivity." :: FierceTelecom


"5G in the USA:  Where We At?" - "The first live commercial 5G markets are still months away, with widespread rollout of the new wireless technology not expected until 2019 or 2020, yet we have a clearer picture of the big four US mobile operators' 5G plans than we did at the end of 2017. So let's run through what we know" :: Light Reading

"How 5G could change everything from music to medicine" :: CNN

"VR and AR Require 5G for Mass Adoption, But Who Will Provide It?" :: Creative Planet Network

"Augmented and Virtual Reality:  The First Wave of 5G Killer Apps" (paper from ABI Research and Qualcomm) ::  Qualcomm


"Only 5% of U.S. broadband users subscribe to a vMVPD" :: FierceCable


Co-Mo Electric Cooperative CEO named RUS Administrator :: Telecompetitor :: The White House

"Alphabet hires Time Warner Cable executive to lead Access and Google Fiber" :: The Verge

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