February 9, 2018


Blair Levin and Larry Downes:  "How Some Cities Are Attracting 5G Investments Ahead of Others" -- "Based on what we’ve seen successful cities do, here are key recommendations for communities seeking to accelerate their transition to become a 5G smart city" ... "Federal and state preemption should both be a last resort. Local governments can avoid the need for either by acting now to establish policies in the best interests of their residents."  :: Washington Post :: Benton summary

Susan Crawford:  "America Needs More Fiber" -- "We should be driving forward upgrades to fiber optic networks running right to to homes and businesses, by lowering the barriers to fund shared fiber networks everywhere. We could be facilitating increased use of bonds, local financing, and tax breaks, and reducing the risks of investments and the costs of capital by issuing government guarantees, all aimed at attracting private investment in the shared fiber optic lines needed for 5G to function. The resulting basic networks could be shared by a multitude of private companies, for 5G purposes and wired connections as well. ... Right now, a host of localities in the US are thinking along just these lines. ...Local government is on the path to figuring this out."  :: Wired

"The Risks and Rewards of Municipal Broadband" -- "Broadband is the most important infrastructure investment a community can make" :: Government Technology

Albany Times-Union Editorial:  "With the state's broadband push nearing completion, New York should now set itself to developing strategies to help end the broadband monopolies that prevail in most communities — to drive down costs for all. ...Regulations need to be changed to make it easier for other broadband carriers to compete. At the same time, programs are needed to assist local governments and nonprofit organizations that want to create their own municipal broadband systems that can offer less expensive access to the public. Successful models exist." :: Albany Times Union

"Fidelity Communications Caught Astroturfing Muni-Broadband" :: DSL Reports :: Boing Boing :: The Register (from Gary Bolles)

RFI seeks broadband solution in Oakland / Garrett County, MD :: Garrett County Republican

"The City of Somerville (MA) is forming an Internet Access Task Force to explore options to preserve and expand affordable and neutral internet service across the city." :: Somerville Journal

"Colorado lawmakers back faster rural broadband funding; CenturyLink predicts rate spike" :: Denver Business Journal

"Sorry, FCC:  Charter will lower investment after neutraity repeal" -- "FCC claims Charter raised investment because of repeal, but that isn't happening" :: Ars Technica

"Students can't afford to lose net neutrality" :: Education Week

"Budget Bill Includes Rural Broadband Bucks" :: Multichannel News


Latest on Indiana small cell legislation :: Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

"2018 Transitional for 5G Infra Spending" -- "This will be a transition year for 5G, without heavy expenditures on macro basestation transceivers [except in China], but that changes beginning in 2019, according to the latest report from Mobile Experts Inc." :: Telco Transformation

A glossary of 5G terminology :: CNET

"The Winter Olympics Will Be A Coming-Out Party for 5G Wireless" :: Fast Company

T-Mobile CEO says Comcast and Charter's wireless services will be "irrelevant"... "The furthest thing from my mind is any concern about the impact of cable" :: FierceCable

"A Peek at Crown Castle's Balance Sheet" :: Market Realist


Update on White House OSTP staffing :: Politico

2018 Broadband Communities Summit, April 30 - May 3 in Austin, TX :: Broadband Communities

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