February 13, 2018


"With the end of net neutrality, Braintree's municipal internet service gives customers more control":  “We don’t throttle, we don’t sell fast lanes, and we won’t. As a municipal utility, we are here for the benefit of our residents, not for a board of shareholders" :: Patriot Ledger

Longmont Power & Communications issues net neutrality policy for NextLight municipal Internet service :: Times-Call

"This is how politicans should deal with bad cable companies" -- Mayor of Andalusia, AL "also mentioned the new big fear of telecoms, that the city’s utilities department could easily handle running a municipal broadband system." :: BGR

More on Trump infrastructure plan -- President promises "a great deal of money" for rural broadband:  "'[I]t's been very unfair what's happened with broadband in terms of the Midwest and in terms, really, of rural areas, as you know,' the President said. 'And you, sort of, were a victim of it, too. But now it's going to be taken care of. We're spending a great deal of money on that. It's only fair. And they want it. They want it. They know how to use it. They want it. And we're going to get it.'" :: Broadcasting & Cable

. . . "Trump infrastructure plan leaves out rural broadband funding" -- "Lawmakers and broadband providers from rural areas were hoping for dollars aimed specifically at solving the digital divide.  They instead got money states can use however they want on infrastructure." :: CNET :: Telecompetitor

. . . "Federal Funds for Broadband?  Unlikely."  :: Light Reading

. . . "Trump infrastructure plan would require significant local funding matches" --  "In order to participate in the president’s infrastructure program, states or local governments would need to come up with a match — roughly $6.50 for every $1 of federal funding" :: Government Technology

. . . podcast with Blair Levin discussing Trump infrastructure plan and rural broadband :: The Hill

"FCC report finds almost no broadband competition at 100Mbps speeds" :: Ars Technica

Washington State net neutrality bill moves forward :: DSLReports

"Oregon Steps Up the Plate on Network Neutrality This Month" :: Electronic Frontier Foundation


"Selling Wholesale 5G" --  "I can’t see why owners of fiber networks in smaller markets would allow a direct competitor onto their network. While the new source of 5G revenue sounds enticing, the losses from retail margins could more than offset any possible gains from the wholesale 5G revenues." :: POTs and PANs

Sprint CEO lobbies FCC and President Trump to "remove barriers" to small cell deployment -- "Claure showed Trump a small cell that can be installed on a utility pole and said the problem is it takes a year to get approval to deploy and an hour to install it. He warned that unless the industry can install them faster, the U.S. is going to lose the leadership that it has in 5G." :: FierceWireless


"The Alt Right Thinks 5G Network Plans Are a Deep State Conspiracy Spearheaded by Google" :: VICE

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