February 20, 2018


Kitsap [WA] Public Utility District "extending speedy fiber internet connections to homes" -- "'Everyone was frustrated with CenturyLink' ... With no alternatives available,... residents devised a plan to take control of their internet destiny.  The neighborhood worked with Kitsap Public Utility District to extend open-access fiber-optic connections to their homes and approved a local utility district to share the cost of construction. Residents are now free to choose their internet providers and enjoy[] a speedy 1-gigabyte-per-second connection." :: Kitsap Sun

"CenturyLink Loses Another 90k Frustrated Broadband Customers" --  "[T]here's still millions of customers within its footprint that can only access pricey DSL at sub 6 Mbps speeds :: DSLReports

Blair Levin:  "Communities can't afford to wait for the federal government to obtain next gen broadband" -- "Put simply: none of these [recent federal government] ideas materially change the problematic math of private investment for next-generation networks for most communities.  What is far more promising, however, are a number of models of community-led upgrades that did not exist in 2011. ... The models differ in which of these functions are handled by the public and which are left to the private sector. ... One can hope that markets or the federal government will address everything, but for many communities, their own action is what really will count."  :: Brookings

More on Peabody [MA] Municipal Light Plant fiber project:  “Third party network providers like Comcast and Verizon have not stepped up to better serve our city users, so Peabody is taking an important first step to create our own high-speed fiber network.” :: ILSR

Municipal broadband on the ballot in Firestone, CO: "[B]uilding a publicly-owned, high-speed fiber network through a private sector partnership is recommended if the effort passes." :: Times-Call

Latest on municipal broadband consideration in Loveland, CO :: Reporter-Herald

"NGN Connect, a community-owned network operating in north Georgia, said today that it has reacquired the fixed wireless customer base and assets that it sold to Habersham Electric Membership Corporation (HEMC) in 2015." :: Telecompetitor

"Cincinnati Bell reaches 70% of Cincinnati's homes, businesses with fiber"; plans to acquire Hawaiian Telcom and "replicate Cincinnati Bell's success across the state of Hawaii":: FierceTelecom

Salisbury, NC in negotiations for Fibrant lease agreement with Hotwire Communications :: Broadband Communities

Study explores "socio-economic benefits of fiber" in Sweden and Netherlands :: Broadband Communities

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott signs executive order "to ensure that all state contract with internet providers include net neutrality provisions." :: AP :: DSLReports

"To kill net neutrality, FCC might have to fight more than half of US states" :: Ars Technica


Cox seeks to deploy small cells in Macon-Bibb County, GA; Cox says County could realize fees of $700 - $1,000 annually per small cell pole :: The Telegraph

Montgomery County, MD "reconsiders small cell antennas" :: The Sentinel

Small cell ordinance in Brunswick, MD :: Government Technology

"Small Cells to Play Big Role in Charter's Mobile Future" -- "Charter plans to launch a mobile service later this year that uses its MVNO agreement with Verizon and the MSO’s own WiFi network." :: Multichannel News

"Indianapolis, Minneapolis and Little Rock, AK [sic] were singled out by AT&T for 'the adoption and implementation of processes and cost structures that facilitate small cell deployment.'" :: RCRWireless

"As to 5G, Wall Street remains skeptical of how quickly or widely it will be deployed. Among other things, the incremental capital costs for wireless carriers are larger in most geographic markets than the likely new revenues, the largest reason being that wireless providers will often cannibalize their current 4G revenues with future 5G services."  Brookings

Harold Feld:  "Interest Rates And Auction Policy –Why The FCC Should Move Quickly On A 5G Auction." --  "[T]he only way to get competition is to make more spectrum available before AT&T and Verizon cement their first mover advantage, and the only way to get substantial exclusive licensed spectrum for 5G spectrum available is by having an auction. So if we want competition in the development of 5G, rather than letting the two largest companies have a couple of years head start, we need an auction as soon as reasonable." :: Tales of the Sausage Factory

C Spire testing 5G services in 3.65 GHz (CBRS) band :: C Spire

Church of England and UK government agree to use church spires for rural wireless access :: City A.M.


"Why is America overpaying for cable?" :: Public Knowledge

"ACA Members Believe Retrans Fees Will Rise 88% by 2020", up to $19 per sub, per month :: Multichannel News  :: Telecompetitor

"Why Hasn't Cable Fought Harder Against Retrans Consent?" :: Multichannel News


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