March 14, 2018


"This New Wave Of Satellite Broadband Could Challenge Cable And Fiber" -- "Satellite has always been a last-resort service for people in rural areas. But mass produced, low-flying satellites may bring high-value broadband to the city." :: Fast Company :: POTs and PANs

"Spokane, Wash. Eyes Publicly Owned Broadband Network" :: The Spokesman-Review

"Cities Launch Plan to Protect Net Neutrality" - "New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is leading a new coalition of 12 cities in a pledge to protect net neutrality—and shame companies who won’t."  ::  CityLab :: Free Press

NYC Truth in Broadband RFI responses due Friday -- "The Truth in Broadband RFI seeks technical insight and policy guidance for monitoring net neutrality and other network performance issues through the use of regular diagnostic tests that would not require special authorization from the providers themselves."  NYC Connected

Verizon agrees to fix failing copper networks in New York State  and deploy more fiber in NYC to settle investigation -- "Verizon was required to bring fiber to every customer in New York City by June 2014 under an agreement signed in 2008, but many residents still lack fiber service. The city filed a lawsuit against Verizon; the telco claims it met the requirement to "pass" all households and blames building owners for not allowing access to certain properties." :: Ars Technica

"Service providers that operate metro networks see bandwidth demand increasing as carrier traffic exchange points move closer to the network edge and as wireless carriers begin to deploy higher-speed 5G networks that will require increased backhaul capacity." :: Telecompetitor

"From Comcast to Hawaiian Telcom: Tracking the top 16 residential broadband service providers in Q4 2017" :: FierceTelecom

"Big Telecom Convinced Wyoming's Politicians to Rewrite a Community Broadband Bill" :: VICE

"Los Angeles Eyes Greater Role for Community Broadband" :: DSLReports

Update on Washington State legislation removing broadband service restriction for ports :: MuniNetworks

"Where the net neutrality fight stands" :: Axios

Purdue University report on the digital divide :: Purdue University Center for Regional Development

Remarks of Commr. Rosenworcel at National League of Cities conference :: FCC

"Canadian broadband users pummeled by price hikes: :: DSLReports


Abandoned telecom infrastructure:  "Over time a significant inventory of abandoned wireless devices will likely grow in most cities. And unlike an abandoned cable network, my guess is that it’s often going to be hard to know which wireless devices have been abandoned or even who owns many of them. Cities ought to be considering ordinances today that require the companies that deploy wireless devices to somehow notify them of what they are doing and to also clearly label the ownership of each device.  But there is a movement at the FCC, in Congress and in States legislatures to institute rules for wireless carriers that would override any local rules." :: POTs and PANs

Some controversies as Verizon rolls out small cell deployment in Denver, with numerous stand-alone poles :: Denver Post

New York:  "[Governor] Cuomo would let state, not localities, decide siting of wireless antennas" :: Buffalo News :: 

"5G is Fiber-to-the-Curb" :: POTs and PANs

"'5G' Wireless Is the New Fiber Optic, Bait-and-Switch Scandal" :: Medium

"Public-safety battleground: Verizon, AT&T and the intense fight over FirstNet" :: FierceWireless

"Microsoft's next White Spaces initiative is to connect Michigan school busses [sic] to the Internet" :: MSPU

"Meet the FCC's 5G Crusader [Commr. Carr]" :: Axios

"What is 5G and why did Trump nix a huge tech deal to boost America's lead in its development?" :: LA Times

"In-Car Wi-Fi:  Do You Really Need It?" :: DSLReports


"Google and Facebook don't qualify for First Amendment protections" :: The Guardian

"John Deere Bets the Farm on AI, IoT" :: Enterprise Cloud News

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