March 16, 2018


"Cities Form Municipal Broadband Companies To Attract Companies and People"; profiles of several initiatives in Ohio :: IdeaStream

"Communities lament 'rising tide' of broadband preemption" :: StateScoop

USDA Rural Utilities Service announces Community Connect Grant Program application window for FY 2018; submission deadline is May 14 :: Rural Utilities Service

"Will the U.S. Invest in Next Generation Broadband?" - analysis of recent Senate Commerce Committee hearings :: Benton Foundation

New York City Council suggests FCC reconsider changes to Lifeline Program :: Council of the City of New York :: Benton Summary


"Cities to FCC:  Stop Scapegoating Us on 5G Deployment" :: Multichannel News

"Next Century Cities Sends Mayoral Letter to FCC in Defense of Local Decision-Making, Releases New Market Research on 5G, Smart City Deployments" :: Next Century Cities

. . . Research report by RVA, LLC: "Status of U.S. Small Cell Wireless / 5G & Smart City Applications From the Community Perspective" :: Next Century Cities

"Verizon strategy:   Building steeples for churches to house cellphone towers" :: TheBlaze

"A Look at the Future of 5G-Powered Smart Cities" :: AdWeek

"AT&T's FiberTower deal raises questions about the value of 5G spectrum" :: FierceWireless

"It’s a shame that we’ve let the wireless marketeers equate 5G with gigabit because that’s what the public is going to expect from every 5G deployment. As I look around the industry I see a lot of other uses for 5G that are going to produce speeds far slower than a gigabit." :: POTs and PANs


"Major TV Networks All In on Direct-to-Consumer OTT Streaming by 2022, Conflict Surely to Ensue" :: Telecompetitor

"Comcast NBC Pondering Yet Another Streaming Service" :: DSLReports

20% of U.S. broadband homes use antenna for TV, up from 16% in early 2015 :: Multichannel News

"Consumers Want A La Carte TV, But Cable Refuses to Provide It" :: DSLReports

Meanwhile, "Cable TV Rate Hikes Show No Sign of Slowing Down" :: DSLReports


ISPs in Bali are switching off mobile internet to mark the Hindu holiday for New Year :: The Verge

"Something Strange Is Going on With This FCC Reauthorization Bill, and It Isn’t Good" :: Public Knowledge


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