March 20, 2018


Tom Wheeler:  "A wide gulf between federal agencies on broadband competition";  In AT&T - Time Warner merger trial, "the Trump DOJ told the court that high-speed broadband is essentially a monopoly" :: Brookings

Ting signs lease to use City of Centennial [CO] fiber network: "Ting will be able to provide service by building its own local fiber network in certain neighborhoods by connecting to the city's fiber system.  Whether Ting can expand across the city depends on demand, but that is the goal" :: Centennial Citizen

Bowling Green Municipal Utilities and Warren Rural Electric Coop unlikely to pursue residential broadband service due to cost:  "'It would cost $4,000 to pass every house' with fiber.. ... 'The challenge is, what are the expectations for price? We are not profit-driven, but the cost to build out into all parts of the city would be [many] millions. How can we cost recover that?'"  :: Bowling Green Daily News

"Hiawatha Broadband Communications:  One of the Small Players That Helped Shape the Internet" :: MuniNetworks

"Carroll County [MD] Continues Fiber Investment" :: MuniNetworks

Spokane City Council forms group to explore broadband options :: KREM

SEMO Electric Cooperative deploying FTTH in rural Missouri :: MuniNetworks

"Internet access is quietly changing Seattle's tent cities" :: The Seattle Times

Applications being accepted for CAF II reverse auction -- "The auction will make available up to $1.98 billion in support over the next decade to help build out high-speed Internet access to up to 1 million homes and small businesses in rural areas across the country that lack service.... The auction will provide opportunities for new and existing providers using a variety of technologies to compete for support, including phone companies, fixed wireless providers, satellite providers, cable companies, and rural electric utilities."  Applications due March 30 :: FCC

. . . "FCC Set to Waste Billions on the Wrong Rural Broadband Providers" :: Daily Yonder

American Cable Association officially supports FCC in net neutrality case, says Title II classification of ISPs under the 2015 Open Internet Order "discouraged its smaller-ISP constituency from investing or innovating.":: Broadcasting & Cable

"How the FCC May Have Shot Itself in the Foot on Net Neutrality" -- "Legal experts and many state lawyers have been pointing out that when the FCC ruled to roll back its classification of ISPs as common carriers under Title II of the Telecom Act (which gave the FCC the authority it needed to enforce the rules), it also obliterated its authority to dictate or hamstring state-level protections." :: DSLReports

Map showing states and major cities that support net neutrality rules :: Inverse


USA Today Editorial Board:  "Want a 5G wireless box in front of your house? -- FCC and states are helping companies silence communities on what the next tech revolution should look like" ... "If industry wants to ensure that the 5G rollout is fraught with delays and conflicts, it would do exactly what it's doing, which is conspire with Big Government to silence people with very strong and legitimate views on the appearances of their communities.  This is not to say that some streamlining of the approval process isn't in order. It is. But what's on the table goes way beyond prudent streamlining."   :: USA Today

"FCC Ruling on 5G Infrastructure May Hurt Cities -- San Jose, Calif. and Lincoln, Neb cry foul" :: Government Technology

New York:  "Municipalities face off against Cuomo, telecoms over cell tower rules" -- "Much of the fight appears to center on money and a clause that would impose a $200 annual rental limit for each small cell signaling device a carrier put on a pole. ... Some municipalities including Buffalo have wanted to charge up to $2,000 annually for each device." :: Albany Times Union

"CTIA hopeful for siting reform" :: FierceWireless


"Americans are still paying for cable because it's bundled with their internet" and has live TV :: recode

"Comcast is Planning a Global Netflix Competitor :: DSLReports

"A new study by the Diffusion Group predicts that every major broadcaster and their mother will be offering their own streaming service by 2022." :: DSLReports


2018 Broadband Communities Summit in Austin, TX coming up, April 30 - May 3 :: Broadband Communities

"Cambridge Analytica's Ad Targeting Is the Reason Facebook Exists" :: VICE


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