March 22, 2018


"The Cable Industry Is Quietly Securing a Massive Monopoly Over American Broadband" :: TechDirt

"NY says Charter lied about new broadband, threatens to revoke its [NYC] franchise" :: Ars Technica

Ting signs lease to use City of Centennial, CO fiber network :: Centennial Citizen (corrected link)

Athens, GA considers municipal broadband :: FlagPole

Fort Collins, CO approves broadband bonds :: Coloradoan

"NC Towns and Cities Push for Expanded Broadband" -- "The League of Municipalities wants the General Assembly to approve laws that make it clear local governments can enter public-private partnerships to expand coverage, and offer investments like bonds, taxes and economic incentives. A bill that includes such provisions stalled in the state Senate last year." :: WUNC ;; North Carolina Health News

"Call of the Co-Op Fiber in Northern Minnesota" :: MuniNetworks

"State legislatures take steps to promote broadband buildouts" :: Multichannel  News

"Pai Urges Small Cable CAF II Auction Bids; Will They Take Him Up on It?" :: Telecompetitor

"Ajit Pai says net neutrality was the top threat to broadband deployment -- FCC chair still can't offer proof that repeal will boost broadband access" :: Ars Technica

"Given Facebook’s Privacy Backlash, Why Aren’t We Angrier With the Broadband Industry?"  "If you're mad about Cambridge Analytica taking data from Facebook you should be absolutely livid about AT&T and Verizon." :: VICE

"Congressional Spending Bill Allocates $600 Million in New Rural Broadband Funding" :: Telecompetitor

"Dig Once Rules Coming" :: POTs and PANs


"Dems Hammer [Commr.] Carr Over 5G Deployment Order" :: Multichannel News

"AT&T says 6 GHz band key for FirstNet, 5G" :: FierceWireless

"ExteNet withdraws 12 of 13 small cell facility applications in Monterey." :: Monterey County Weekly


"The only thing keeping cable TV alive is expensive internet packages" :: BGR

"Big Four Broadcast Networks Are Most Desired for Skinny TV Bundles, ESPN Didn't Make Top Ten" :: Telecompetitor


"AT&T - Time Warner Case:  How the Biggest Antitrust Trial in Years Could Play Out" :: NY Times

"Comcast, Cox Go Big on IoT, Smart Cities" :: Light Reading  

"Section 230: A Key Legal Shield For Facebook, Google Is About To Change" :: NPR

. . . "Senate approves bill limiting immunity for Internet firms in sex-trafficking cases" :: Wall Street Journal (sub. req'd)

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