March 27, 2018


"The Broadband Boost Small-Town America Needs" -- "Publicly owned internet networks are giving some rural regions an advantage over even the techiest big cities" :: Governing

Baltimore City Council president wants city officials to consider creating a public broadband network :: Baltimore Sun

City of Tacoma releases RFI/Q to solicit potential partnerships for Click! Network:  "The RFI/Q invites responses from potential partners including incumbent service providers, existing internet service provider partners, competitive providers, nonprofit organizations, cooperatives, public entities, and entities that are not traditional connectivity providers but are interested in offering service under innovative business models."   :: Click! RFI/Q

Yomura, a U.K.-based wholesale fiber services provider for Europe and North America service providers, says it can help municipal fiber broadband providers -- "While the company has not yet announced any specific plans in the United States, the concept is relatively simple: Yomura would operate the network and enter a revenue sharing agreement and then expand service into neighboring communities." :: FierceTelecom

Colorado:  "A bipartisan bill to spend more than $100 million to extend high-speed internet to rural Colorado is headed to the governor" :: Denver Post

"It takes much more than building 5G networks to level the playing field, starting with an appreciation that the digital divide follows traditional patterns of inequality. Even when people get online, their experience and access to the internet can vary vastly depending on their level of wealth." :: CNET

"The FCC 's Blurry Vision of Satellite Broadband" :: Daily Yonder

Editorial board:  "Close the internet access gap in rural NC" :: News & Observer

"Gigabit Coming to Every School in North Dakota, Thanks to New 100 Gig Backbone Network" from Dakota Carrier Network :: Telecompetitor

FCC may prohibit network operators receiving Universal Service Fund support from using equipment from companies deemed to pose a national security threat :: Telecompetitor

4Q 2018 National Broadband Statistics, from Leichtman Group :: POTs and PANs


"FCC loosens rules to speed 5G rollouts" :: Engadget

"AT&T said this week that it will deploy 60,000 white boxes over 'the next several years' to support its 5G next-generation wireless plans. The AT&T white boxes will provide router functionality and support edge computing which will be critical to low-latency services, the company said. ... Today’s press release reiterates AT&T’s plans to use edge computing to support low-latency 5G applications. Deploying functionality in the cloud, rather than on end-user devices, helps minimize the cost of those devices; but to support low-latency applications, the cloud must be deployed close to the end users. 'Using white box routers and other hardware in our towers and small cells help those types of edge applications [run] smoothly,' said AT&T." :: Telecompetitor :: FierceWireless

"FCC Mulls Opening Up 4.9 GHz for 5G, Robots & Drones" :: Light Reading

Rural fixed wireless:  “'We’re not going to go everywhere' with fiber ... 'There are going to be customers that have to use our fixed wireless. It’s just unreasonable to think we can go into communities and build fiber.' Fixed wireless customers see downlink speeds in the 8 Mbps to 10 Mbps range"; 3.5 GHz and 2.5GHz bands pushed by Ericsson  :: RCRWireless

Small wireless carriers choose cloud network management platform from Ericsson :: Telecompetitor

New report says 5G Phones won't take off until 2021 :: DSLReports


"Comcast's Cord Cutting Losses to More Than Double in 2018" :: DSLReports

"TV's Death by a Thousand Streaming Apps -- Media companies are scrambling to get bigger and create their own online-video services, which don't make much money or even meet consumers' needs." :: Bloomberg


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