April 6, 2018


"San Francisco is Quietly Building an Open Access Fiber Network" :: DSLReports

Mediacom to drop suit against Iowa City and ImOn Communications after unanimous dismissal by Eighth Circuit; "In its suit, Mediacom claimed agreements with ImOn, approved by the Iowa City Council in November 2015, gave ImOn an unfair competitive advantage. The agreement allowed ImOn a to lease excess capacity on the city's fiber-optic network" :: Iowa City Press-Citizen

Town of New Shoreham [R.I.] negotiating pole attachment agreements for construction of CAI broadband network:  "The pole attachment agreements with Verizon and [Block Island Power Co.] will include the leasing of approximately 77 poles along the CAI route. While BIPCo’s fee has not yet been determined, Verizon’s fee is $425 per year to lease those poles."  ::  Block Island Times

Franklin County, NY legislators accuse electric company National Grid "of failing to maintain its infrastructure and then trying to siphon money from grants dedicated to expanding broadband access in the North Country"; "'Right now the cost for make-ready at NYSEG [New York State Electric and Gas] is about $2,000 to $3,000 per mile. National Grid for make-ready is charging $25,000 to $26,000 per mile.'”  Adirondack Daily Enterprise

SanfordNet municipal broadband project, to be largest in Maine, to start July 1 :: Journal Tribune

Two letters to the editor opposing Cambridge community broadband concept :: Wicked Local Letter #1 :: Wicked Local Letter #2

"Fiber availability for large- and mid-sized commercial buildings jumped to 54.8 percent in the U.S. in 2017" :: Telecompetitor

City of San Antonio may require net neutrality standards in any new ISP service proposals :: San Antonio Business Journal

Fiber Broadband Association 2018 Regional Conference, Detroit April 17-18 :: Fiber Broadband Association


"How Localities Can Prepare for—and Capitalize on—the Coming Wave of Public Safety Network Construction" :: CTC Technology & Energy

"Charter, the second-largest cable operator in the US, is undertaking more fixed 5G tests in Los Angeles, following initial tests around the country in 2017." :: Light Reading

Verizon said it expects to have CBRS 3.5 GHz devices by end of 2018 :: FierceWireless

"[L]atency in 5G networks will approach and even exceed human response times to stimuli";  Also, "[Sprint Senior VP of IoT Ivo] Rook sees a cost/benefit mismatch between those who benefit from smart city technology and those who have to pay for it.  'Today, the investment budgets for smart cities sit in one place, but the ones that actually benefit from some of the efficiencies sit in a complete different place ... You need to find a way to keep the benefit and the investments in one and the same place. Otherwise you can stand up a pilot, but you won't be able to reinvest because it doesn't scale."  :: Light Reading

"Verizon connecting Napa Valley with small cells" :: RCRWireless

City of Murfreesboro, TN "hopes to lead the way with small-cell technology"; Statewide small cell legislation pending: "[T]he amount has been negotiated to $100 per attachment, and [State Sen. Ketron] believes cities will “embrace it.” ...[E]lectric cooperatives, cities and counties are neutral on the [state] legislation. And it has taken a good deal of effort even to reach that point." :: Murfreesboro Post


“Netwar”: The unwelcome militarization of the Internet has arrived" :: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

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