April 10, 2018


"Rural Broadband’s Only Hope: Thinking Outside the Box?" -- "As states struggle to close the connectivity gap in rural areas, some experts believe a federal mandate, similar to the one that first brought those residents electricity, might be in order." (focusing on rural electric and telephone cooperatives) :: Government Technology

David Young, of City of Lincoln, NE, named to BDAC :: FCC Public Notice

"The Looming Backhaul Crisis" facing intercity networks:  Today’s backhaul network is not ready to supply this kind of bandwidth. You could build all of the fiber you want locally ... to feed the 5G nodes, but that won’t make any difference if you can’t feed that whole network with sufficient bandwidth to get back to an Internet POP." :: POTs and PANs

"Open access operator A2D has begun work on a broadband middle-mile and fiber-to-the-premises network in Warner Robins, Georgia through a public/ private partnership with the city. A2D will design the network, oversee construction and manage and maintain it but will not offer service directly to end users. ... Instead, A2D will sell service on a wholesale basis to other service providers, who will serve end users. ... A2D’s deal with Warner Robins calls for the city to simultaneously become 'a gigabit city and a smart city'" :: Telecompetitor

Maine towns form nonprofit Downeast Broadband Utility; "When the utility starts negotiating to put 87 miles of fiber-optic cable on area utility poles, they’ll have unprecedented leverage, thanks to new rules that give them a right to attach to those poles." :: Bangor Daily News

"Penobscot streams ahead with broadband internet study" :: Castine Patriot

RAY BAUM Act -- adopted as part of appropriations bill -- changes FCC reporting requirements to Congress; new "communications marketplace report" directs the FCC to, among other things, "[a]ssess whether laws, regulations, regulatory practices (whether those of the Federal Government, States, political subdivisions of States, Indian tribes or tribal organizations, or foreign governments), or demonstrated marketplace practices pose a barrier to competitive entry into the communications marketplace or to the competitive expansion of existing providers of communications services" :: Benton Foundation

"Sputtering debate over NC broadband may have new urgency" :: Carolina Public Press

"Oregon finalizes net neutrality law despite likelihood that ISPs will sue" :: Ars Technica

"Lumos and Spirit to Combine to Form Super-Regional Mid-Atlantic Fiber Operator" :: Telecompetitor


Salt Lake City and NYC win NSF PAWR support to develop citywide 5G testbeds :: IEEE Spectrum

"Private wireless networks are quietly becoming a thing" -- "The argument is that utilities, cities, manufacturing companies and others have specific applications that can’t or shouldn’t run over public wireless networks, and so they will need to build their own networks—and will spend money to do it." :: FierceWireless

Rural Wireless Association: "FCC Proposal to Ban Certain Equipment Manufacturers Would 'Irreparably Damage'  [mostly rural] Broadband Networks" :: Telecompetitor

USAC Mobility Fund Phase II Challenge Process opens,  "MF II will use a reverse auction to target support at areas that lack unsubsidized service with minimum download speeds of at least 5 megabits per second. The Challenge Process will give stakeholders an opportunity to submit speed test data through a new USAC portal to show that an area lacks adequate coverage to qualify as already served and should therefore be eligible for support"; webinar April 18 :: Universal Service Administrative Co.


"18-34 year-olds account for 53% of adults in the United States that have a live streaming Internet-delivered pay-TV service." :: DSLReports

"DISH Successfully Trials ATSC 3.0" :: Telecompetitor

Kimball, TN terminates local company's cable franchise agreement :: Chattanooga Times Free Press


Update on UMG v. Grade Communications, re: ISP role in copyright enforcement :: TechDirt


Remarks of Commr. Rosenworcel at NAB:  "We now regularly see the highest level of our government denouncing real news as false facts. We watch how this sentiment is used to stir up anger, and we see how those in power bestow favors on outlets with narratives that flatter rather than offer the hard-hitting assessments we need. What is happening now is what journalism Professor Jay Rosen has called 'not just attacking the press but the conditions that make it possible for news reports to serve as any kind of check on power.' That’s not a state of affairs we should accept." :: FCC 

"Marsha Blackburn is Polling Horribly in Tennesee" :: DSLReports

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