April 13, 2018


Coalition for Local Internet Choice (CLIC) letter to FCC commissioners:  "We write to share our deep concerns about both the process and outcomes of the Commission’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Council (BDAC) with regard to issues of local government autonomy and authority. In particular, we are alarmed by the Commission’s startling failure to include adequate local government representation in the BDAC process, which has unsurprisingly resulted in BDAC recommendations that would undercut the important potential of local governments to help improve and accelerate broadband access and availability throughout the nation. . . . The audacity and impropriety of the process is clear from the fact that this entity, comprised primarily of corporate and carrier interests, is empowered by the Commission to develop model codes that could potentially impact every locality and state in the United States without any serious input from the communities it will most affect." :: CLIC 

"More than 750 towns and cities across the United States have been forced to build their own networks if they want anything close to next-generation broadband. These towns and cities aren't doing this because it's fun, they're doing it as an organic response to market failure" :: TechDirt

"Legal Shootout at the Broadband Corral" - "City officials in Texas confront the state on its industry-backed preemption law." :: Route Fifty

"Generate conversation about broadband access in your community with a screening of the short film, 'Do Not Pass Go.' We have created a helpful guide on how to host a screening of the film in your community." :: MuniNetworks

Fort Collins, CO broadband Q&A :: Coloradoan

"Ohio Broadband Grants Would Total $50M Annually, Joins Growing State Level Focus on Broadband" :: Telecompetitor

"CenturyLink to FCC: Allow fiber overlashing on poles to accelerate broadband deployment" :: FierceTelecom

"Lawmakers want Facebook's help providing rural broadband" :: CNET

"Is the FCC Disguising the Rural Broadband Problem?" :: POTs and PANs

House Commerce subcommittee to hold hearing on paid prioritization April 17 :: Public Knowledge

"Frontier Employees Say Company in Steady Decline" :: DSLReports


"What is 5G, and Why Will it Take So Long to Arrive?" :: Government Technology

"High-band, millimeter wave 5G is shaping up as the Usain Bolt of wireless: Insanely fast over 200 meters or less, not so hot over long distances." :: Light Reading


"Comcast, Netflix Cozy Up in New Deal" :: Light Reading


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