April 23, 2018


"As the chief information officer for Concord, Mass., I’ve overseen the creation of a successful municipal broadband system by treating Internet service like what it really is — a public utility, like water and electricity. We’re providing residents with broadband Internet service that is inexpensive and reliable and respects net neutrality and privacy principles.  Internet service providers often find themselves on lists of the most hated companies in America. But in our latest customer survey, 90 percent said they’d recommend our service to a friend....The lesson from our experience is clear: Washington and the big telecoms are letting us down, but local leaders can protect people’s rights and expand access to quality Internet with municipal broadband. " :: Washington Post

Profile of Fairlawn, Ohio municipal broadband:  "[T]he small town has reaped several rewards: more businesses, home value increases and a 50 percent sign-up rate." :: EfficientGov

"NYC blasts broadband competition shortage as it pursues suit against Verizon" :: Ars Technica

Worthington, Mass. considers broadband alternatives:  "Town Meeting voters on May 5 will be asked to choose between a town-owned fiber network, a fiber network owned by a third party, and traditional Comcast cable service." :: MassLive

Davis, Calif. researches broadband options :: California Aggie

"Desperate for Broadband, King George County, Va., Supervisors Waive Company's Fees" :: Government Technology

More on Kentucky Wired: Boyd County fiber deployment to begin this summer :: Daily Independent

More on Georgia regional open access fiber network provider A2D:  "Once it’s completed in September, various commercial broadband providers, utilities and municipalities are expected to start selling residential and business services over the fully fiber-based network, according to A2D." :: BroadbandWorldNews


Ohio:  HB 478 small cell legislation heads to governor -- “'This provides more predictability and speed to the industry, while also protecting the character of our cities,' Dublin City Manager Dana McDaniel said.  'That’s what we’ve been trying to balance throughout this process.'" :: Columbus Dispatch

"Is 5G Being Painfully Overhyped?" :: DSLReports

"Beyond the Hype: Emerging 5G Technologies Aren’t Significantly Different From Existing LTE, Say Industry Leaders" :: BroadbandBreakfast.com

"AT&T announced today an expansion of their 5G Evolution technology to an additional 117 markets across the U.S., bringing the total 5G Evolution markets to 141. The term 5G Evolution is more of a marketing term, since the underlying technology for it is really advanced 4G technology." :: Telecompetitor

"FCC Takes First Steps Toward C-Band Shared Spectrum with Possible Implications for CBRS" :: Telecompetitor

"Comcast, Charter Hint at New MVNO Deals" :: Light Reading


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