April 26, 2018


"The FCC’s 2018 Broadband Report: How Do You Politicize a Statistical Report?" :: TeleFrieden

"Map: As Net Neutrality Officially Ends, States Rush to Pass Workarounds" :: Government Technology

Senate vote on net neutrality CRA expected in May, says Sen. Markey :: Politico

Kansas governor signs bill creating broadband mapping task force :: Government Technology


BDAC subcommittee publishes pole price data, "based on data voluntarily submitted by BDAC participants":  "Across all of the data collected, the mean rental fee assessed for wired pole attachments is $17.58 per year, according to this latest study, while the median is $15.56 per year. For wireless pole attachments (which typically take up significantly more space), however, the mean rental fee is $505.56 per year, and the median is $56.60 annually. Further, among wireless attachments, the mean rate in regulated markets is $224.25 versus $993.55 in unregulated ones. The median fee is $50 in regulated markets and $360 in unregulated ones.  :: Light Reading

More on Microsoft TV white space fixed wireless project in Garrett County,  MD:  "Just as power utility linemen traveled from farm to farm in the 1930s to connect homes with life-changing electricity, now is the time for the push to provide all homes in Garrett County with decent, affordable broadband access.  Where the wired providers have refused to extend service because of the cost, we hope this partnership will use wireless technology to bring the benefits of being online to as many places as possible." ::  Garrett County Republican

"AT&T CFO throws shade on Verizon’s fixed 5G plans";  AT&T CFO:  "'To get that fixed wireless to the residential, you still have to have ... that backhaul infrastructure. So that could be...  a very tricky business case. ...  For us, with this extensive FirstNet network, we'll be able to have that backhaul. But quite frankly, if we've got FirstNet and we've got fiber there, it may be just as effective, and may be a better quality product, to give those customers fiber to the home.' ... Verizon has said that its 5G fixed wireless efforts will eventually target 30 million U.S. households and will offer 1 Gbps speeds.'" :: FierceWireless

"The global fixed wireless broadband market will grow 30% in 2018 and will generate $18 billion in service revenue, according to a fixed wireless broadband forecast from ABI Research." :: Telecompetitor

"Comcast’s wireless business is doing better than expected" :: FierceWireless

"AT&T on Track With 5G, Starts FirstNet Build" :: Light Reading


"How Comcast is trying to change the cable game" :: AP


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