May 2, 2018


"Municipal Broadband: Urban Savior or Gentrification’s Wrecking Ball?" :: Capital & Main

"The Post Road Foundation Announces Partners for New Funding, Infrastructure Approach" -- "A new nonprofit, the Post Road Foundation sees a valuable link between intelligent infrastructure, high-quality connectivity, and sustainability. By bringing together members of the public and private sectors, the Post Road Foundation is implementing an innovative approach to funding. With support from the Rockefeller Foundation, they've selected five partners to begin implementing their new approach to funding, connectivity, and sustainability." :: MuniNetworks

"Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Eyes the Internet Business -- A proposal to run high-speed, fiber-optic broadband cable along the right-of-way could cost as much as $300 million, but officials believe selling access to ISPs will make it all worth it." :: Government Technology

"Comcast is only increasing internet speeds for customers who also pay for cable" :: BGR :: Ars Technica

Pew study:  20% of Americans exclusively use their smartphones at home for internet access – they don’t subscribe to a traditional wireline broadband service :: Telecompetitor


"Delaware Is Dead Set on Putting Your State’s Broadband to Shame" --  “'We have wireless pilots going on right now and we’re going to release an RFP in the coming months to bring in a wireless internet provider,'  [State CIO James] Collins explained. 'The vendor that we’re working with on the pilot ... they’re getting 5- to 10-mile radius from each tower.'  The state, along with the counties, plan to provide the winning company with access to state and county-owned wireless towers at discounted rates for two years in order to spur broadband access."  :: Route Fifity

"Massive MIMO to play role in T-Mobile/Sprint 5G readiness :: FierceWireless

"Will The Sprint T-Mobile Merger Pass Regulatory Muster?" :: Forbes :: The Verge


"U.S. vMVPD Subscribers to Grow to 28M by 2023, 77M Globally" :: Telecompetitor


"Why Cities are So Bad at Cybersecurity" ::NextGov

Federal USF budget control mechanism adopted in 2016 "will cut universal service
support for small, rural carriers by 15.52% over the course of the next year" :: FCC :: Multichannel News

Commr. O'Rielly violated violated federal law with CPAC speech, says U.S. Office of Special Counsel: "Asked about a future FCC potentially reversing the agency's rollback of net neutrality rules, O'Rielly said, 'What we can do is make sure as conservatives that we elect good people to both the House, the Senate and make sure that President Trump gets reelected.' With those words, O'Rielly violated the Hatch Act, which forbids most federal officials from engaging in partisan advocacy" :: Politico :: The Hill

"After Harsh Criticism, Facebook Quietly Pulls Services From Developing Countries" -- "Myanmar is not the only place where Free Basics has quietly ended. The program has been abruptly called off in more than half a dozen nations and territories in the recent months, according to an analysis by The Outline. People in Bolivia, Papua New Guinea, Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of Congo, Anguilla, El Salvador, and Saint Lucia have also lost access to Facebook’s free internet program."  :: The Outline

"The Rise of the Rural Creative Class" :: CityLab

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