May 4, 2018


Blair Levin's keynote at CLIC Austin:  "The BDAC, 5G and Cities:  The Power and Perils of Assymmetry" --  "[T]he BDAC and the FCC will likely adopt a framework in which industry gets all the benefits with no obligations and municipalities get all the costs and no guaranteed benefits"  :: CLIC

"Voters Approve Muni Telecom Authority in Pella, Iowa" - "Ninety-two percent of those voting in the special election chose to authorize the City Council to establish a telecommunications utility." :: MuniNetworks

"NYC Mesh ... says the coalition of volunteers can offer buildings wireless speeds between 80 Mbps and 1 Gbps, as well as fiber connections up to a gigabit" :: DSLReports

City of Portsmouth, VA taking bids for construction of municipal fiber network, adding to multi-city fiber ring in Hampton Roads area -- "The system would work like a backbone for other internet providers who may want to use the fibers to link customers to their services, creating more competition and potentially saving those customers money." :: Virginian-Pilot

Regional nonprofit NoaNet seeks to expand fiber network through Astoria and Warrenton :: Daily Astorian

"Pai Gets Political on USF Funding Cuts" :: Telecompetitor

Facebook may be developing satellite broadband service :: The Outline

"Fiber is back, big time" in Europe, etc :: FastNet


Tom Wheeler:  "There is a better 5G solution than reducing competition" -- "Working with the major wireless carriers to build a privately-owned shared 5G network is the government’s chance for a win-win-win solution" :: Brookings

Likelihood of T-Mobile/Sprint merger approval "less than 50%" :: WirelessOne

Overview of the 1,300 WiFi kiosks in NYC, offering free gigabit WiFi  :: POTs and PANs

"The City and County of San Francisco is working with Nokia and other vendors to evaluate and test an LTE system in the Citizens Broadband Radio Services (CBRS) band." :: FierceWireless

"Tower companies cheer MIMO antennas because they’re bigger and heavier" :: FierceWireless

"T-Mobile executives change tune on fixed wireless following Sprint merger deal" :: FierceWireless

"Verizon pegs 2019 for mobile 5G as Sprint seeks millimeter wave spectrum" :: VentureBeat

"40% of Americans would consider buying wireless from their cable provider" :: FierceWireless

"NTIA Gives 46 Grant Awards to States and Territories to Plan for FirstNet Deployment" :: NTIA

"Cable TV double- and triple-plays are becoming irrelevant" :: TechHive


AT&T / TW merger trial ends; ruling expected by June 12 :: DSLReports

Blair Levin & Larry Downes:  "[Mick] Mulvaney has it backward. We think governments need more, not fewer, Yelp-like services in their arsenals. And conservatives should be particularly supportive of such innovations. Consumer-supplied information can reduce reliance on regulation and enforcement to protect consumers by encouraging market forces that reward better business practices." ::  Washington Post

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