May 8, 2018


"A Public Option for the Internet" :: New Republic

Jonathan Chambers:  "Overbuilding, aka Competition, is the American Way":  "Overbuilding is not the problem in rural America, it is the solution." :: Conexon Blog

"Large ISPs Urge FCC To Kill Remaining Line Sharing Rules," competitors say they need it to compete: "'Sonic is fully engaged in the process of building fiber to customers in a number of markets around Northern California, but [the USTelecom petition] represents a serious impediment to our ability to deploy fiber,' says Sonic CEO Dane Jasper" :: DSLReports :: Light Reading :: Telecompetitor

Alabama Broadband Accessibility Act provides grant funding for rural broadband projects by "non-government entities that are cooperatives, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships or other private business entities that provide broadband services"; local governments not eligible to receive grants :: Link to SB149 :: Yellowhammer News

Alabama electric co-op expands fiber project with USDA grant;  "Representatives of Tombigbee Electric Coop met with mayors and explained that the economics could only justify deployment in the towns but that if the town would raise additional funding, the company would extend service to outlying areas. 'They were 100% in support of that'" :: Telecompetitor

More on Colorado rural broadband grants :: DU Clarion

"Mapping Colorado's Internet Service Options" :: MuniNetworks

"How We Can Get [North Carolina] Wired" -- "The state should make sure [broadband] is as available as any other part of modern infrastructure. Instead, the state is standing by a state law that hinders local governments from solving the problem." :: News & Observer

Boulder, CO update:  "City staff is most bullish, at this point, on options that would see Boulder either establish itself as the "backbone" of a fiber network, contracting with a private company to build out and operate the network; or see the city pay for and build the network, then become an internet service provider 'through a new business operation within the city government.'";  November ballot prospects unclear :: Daily Camera

"FTTH proposed in Hudson, Ohio" :: MuniNetworks

Rock Falls, IL:  "Steady progress for city's broadband project" :: Sauk Valley Media

Editorial: "Local groups take initiative on broadband in rural, small-town Maine -- Help wasn't coming on one of the state's most pressing problems, so from Sanford to Woodland, they've stepped up." :: Portland Press Herald

"Northhampton [MA] Needs a Community Network" :: Daily Hampshire Gazette

Passadena City Council committee explores residential Internet options; City investment in residential broadband network is "financially infeasible" according to City staff  :: Pasadena Now

"Cambridge [MA] sets goals to tackle digital divide with affordable broadband" :: Wicked Local

CenturyLink cuts 1,000 jobs, citing Level 3 merger and automation :: DSLReports

"CenturyLink and Residential Broadband" :: "CenturyLink is in the midst of a corporate reorganization that is going to result is a major shift in the focus of the company. .... What might all of this mean for CenturyLink broadband customers? For rural customers it means that any upgrades that are being made using CAF II funding are likely the last upgrades they will ever see. ...[T]he new management team has made it clear they are deemphasizing residential broadband.  This management transition probably closes the book on CenturyLink as a last-mile ISP." :: POTs and PANs

"'But I Live Close to Fiber'" -- "The chances are that if you live in any kind of populated area, even in rural counties, that there are several of these fiber networks close to you. If you live in a city it’s likely that you can easily walk to half a dozen different fiber networks – none which are being used to bring fiber to your home.  The chances are high that the new fiber you see being built is not being built for you." :: POTs and PANs

"AT&T will ask Supreme Court to cripple the FTC’s authority over broadband -- AT&T victory would undermine FCC's justification for net neutrality repeal." :: Ars Technica

"The Big Lie ISPs Are Spreading in State Legislatures Is That They Don’t Make Enough Money" :: EFF


CBRS Alliance launches "OnGo" certification program; seeks to enable private LTE network option for companies seeking "something more robust than Wi-Fi but don’t want to enter into a commercial agreement” with a wireless service provider :: Telecompetitor :: CBRS Alliance

. . . "Cable operators such as Comcast and Charter Communications eyeing the CBRS/OnGo band for wireless and mobile services as a way to offset some of the costs they incur from MVNO agreements that partly are underpinning their new mobile services." :: Multichannel  News

"America:  A Tale of at Least Two 5Gs" :: Light Reading

"The ‘Race to 5G’ Is Just Mindless Marketing [B.S.]" - "Buried beneath the hype around 5G rests a growing sense that wireless carriers are aggressively over-selling the technology’s potential." :: VICE

"FCC Certifies Samsung Fixed 5G Router, Paving Way for Verizon Fixed 5G Launch" :: Telecompetitor

U.S. agricultural IoT market could be $4 billion :: Telecompetitor

73 percent of pay-TV households do not subscribe primarily for sports, says Parks Associates :: Telecompetitor

Fubo TV launches bigger channel package; 80+ channels for $49.99/mo :: Multichannel News


"Stop Saying ‘Privacy,’ Start Saying ‘Data Ptotection’" :: The Outline


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