May 15, 2018


Traverse City (MI) Light and Power releases RFI for partnership for citywide FTTP deployment; responses due June 29 :: MuniNetworks

City of Cortez, CO citywide fiber feasibility study to be publicized May 23 :: The Journal

"Colorado Counties Grapple to Best Rural Broadband Challenge -- The Colorado Senate agreed to House Amendments on SB 2, which will help finance the buildout of rural broadband." :: Government Technology

Oregon Telephone Corporation partnering with Grant County broadband coalition, pursuing Community Connect grant, etc; "The goal is to have the Grant County Digital Network Coalition own and operate the fiber backbone and have Ortelco be the internet provider to the end user ... [T]he coalition [would] be in the wholesale business, not the retail market." :: Blue Mountain Eagle

"The Big Disconnect: Google Fiber’s Unfulfilled Promise In Atlanta" :: WABE NPR

Report from the North Bay / North Coast Broadband Consortium on "telecommunications outages that affected Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma Counties in the wake of the devastating fires of 2017" :: Medocino Broadband

Charter's enterprise unit plans $1B fiber network expenditure in 2018, focusing on business services; "The investment will also come to add fiber density as wired networks become a significant backhaul channel for a coming wave of 5G-based services and other bandwidth-intensive offerings." :: Multichannel News


"5G requires large capital expenditure from telecommunications firms to realize its full potential.  But growing concerns about returns on those investments saw the Asia Pacific telecom sector perform poorly last year, according to investment bank J.P. Morgan. ... 'It's not really about faster download speeds … It's about internet of things, autonomous vehicles and things of that nature for which no one understands a monetization case for networks yet.'" :: CNBC

"Who's Pursuing Residential 5G?" -- "So who will be deploying 5G wireless local loops? We know it won’t be AT&T or CenturyLink. We know Verizon is considering it but has made no commitment. It won’t be done by the cable companies which have upgraded to DOCSIS 3.1. There are no other candidates that are willing or able to spend the billions needed to deploy the new technology. ... We’re more likely to keep seeing press releases talking about field trials and the potential for the 5G technology. But unless Verizon or some other big ISP commits to sinking billions of dollars into the gear it’s likely that 5G local loop technology will fizzle as has happened to other wireless technologies in the past."  ::  POTs and PANs

"Verizon expects to see a coverage radius of 1900-2000 feet for fixed 5G in millimeter wave bands when other carriers’ estimates are considerably less. 'It’s a combination of antennas, beams, reflections and all of that,' [Verizon CTO Hans Vestberg] explained. ... Vestberg reiterated Verizon’s finding that fixed 5G technology deployed in high-frequency bands (specifically, 24 GHz, 28 GHz, 37 GHz and 39 GHz) will not require line of sight. He noted that signals transmitted at those frequencies tend to bounce off objects, creating multiple paths to the receiver. ... 

"... Vestberg several times mentioned Verizon’s plan to use much of the infrastructure deployed to support fixed 5G to also support mobile 5G service.... Mobile and fixed 5G, as well as private and industrial 5G networks all will use the same equipment and the same baseband, he said. The baseband will have different slices to support different types of traffic, as will handsets, according to Vestberg. " :: Telecompetitor

"AT&T, San Jose Sew Up Model Small Cell Deal" -- "The deal is a coup for both sides because not only does San Jose receive valuable revenue that it intends to put toward digital inclusion initiatives, but AT&T Inc. gets a blanket agreement for small cell deployments that won't require the operator to go back to the well multiple times for approvals and rate negotiations." :: Light Reading

"Altice USA Eyes CBRS Small Cell Strategy"; Charter and Comcast also looking into CBRS :: Multichannel News

Altice says wireless phone service development ahead of schedule - "I would say we’re ahead on our densification, significantly improving our Wi-Fi capabilities for the offload."  :: DSLReports 

"Comcast sees Wi-Fi as a broadband differentiator, said David Watson, president and CEO of Comcast Cable" :: Telecompetitor

"Comcast’s internet revenue is catching up to TV" -- "It’s important to note that internet revenue costs Comcast a lot less than video, because it doesn’t have to create [or acquire] content for the internet." :: recode

"YouTube TV is Losing Money, But is There a Path to Profit?" :: Multichannel News


"Democrats are increasing looking to make their support for net neutrality regulations a campaign issue in the midterm elections." :: The Hill

Trump reverses blacklisting of ZTE :: DSLReports

FAA selects 10 cities for drone innovation projects :: Government Technology

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