May 17, 2018


"The Internet’s Problems Haven’t Changed in 22 Years" -- "The core concerns that troubled us about our participation in online communities and services in 1996 are basically identical in 2018."  ::  Verge

Chmn. Pai:  "The FCC has consistently declined to impose Universal Service Fund (USF) contributions obligations on broadband Internet access service.  In English, that essentially means we don’t tax broadband.  But rural carriers that offer certain broadband transmission services are uniquely required to contribute to the USF on the revenues from those offerings.  Again in English, this essentially means rural companies (hence their customers) have to pay broadband taxes that others don’t have to pay.  On June 7, we’ll vote on an order that would relieve small, rural carriers from having to pay these broadband taxes" :: FCC Blog

"As Harold Feld, an ardent critic [of Chmn. Pai] who works for the consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge, laments, 'Why was my area of policy the one that got the guy who actually knows what he’s doing?' Behind Pai’s brainy, technocratic mask, though, is an alter ego: ruthless conservative ideologue." :: Wired

"The Telecom Industry's Identity Crisis" :: Axios

FCC releases list of 277 complete and incomplete CAF II short form applications :: FCC Public Notice :: Telecompetitor

"The Flood of New Satellite Networks" :: POTs and PANs

Podcast interview with Doug Dawson :: MuniNetworks

"Senate Votes to Restore Net Neutrality Rules" :: Multichannel News :: Ars Technica

"After Senate Vote on Net Neutrality, DC Responds" :: Benton Foundation

"Can the FTC Regulate Broadband?" -- "The fact that only a few companies own the wires of the broadband network makes this industry a natural monopoly just like electricity, water and natural gas delivery. Nobody likes to be regulated and I can’t even fully believe I am advocating for more regulation. Even before the FCC withdrew from broadband regulation it was one of the mostly lightly regulated monopoly industries in the country. Big ISPs have always fought against being regulated, but I don’t think even they thought that all broadband regulation would be removed in one fell swoop. We are going to have to somehow put regulations back in place or watch our industry go down a very ugly path." :: POTs and PANs


"Another looming 5G challenge: Getting customers to upgrade to a 5G phone"  -- "'Most consumers, when using bandwidth-heavy apps like Netflix or Fortnite, are using Wi-Fi networks, not cellular networks, to enable those experiences.  And since 5G is likely to be deployed in Wi-Fi heavy urban markets first, consumers will not see the need in the near term,'" says analyst :: FierceWireless

"AT&T: LTE speeds will double thanks to FirstNet" :: FierceWireless

AT&T:  "5G & SDN Worlds Colliding"  :: Light Reading

"Verizon and Partners Test Mobile CBRS on Live Network in Florida, Achieve 790 Mbps Peak Speed" :: Telecompetitor

"Sprint has added New York City, Phoenix and Kansas City to the markets that will receive the company’s 5G service in the first half of 2019." -- "The Next-Gen Network build, expected to take several years, will include upgrading cell sites to triband service using 800 MHz, 1.9 GHz, and 2.5 GHz spectrum. The company plans to add thousands of new cell sites to expand coverage and to densify the network using more small cells to increase capacity and speed." :: Telecompetitor

"This week, Verizon said the 5G fixed wireless networks it launches this year may incorporate standards-based as well as prestandard equipment." :: FierceWireless

"Is Sprint a victim of 'The Rule of Three and Four'?" -- "Bruce Henderson hypothesizes that a stable, competitive industry will never have more than three significant competitors and that the industry will find equilibrium when the market shares of the three competitors reach a ratio of 4:2:1." :: FierceWireless


"What’s Your Open Source Strategy? Here Are 10 Answers…" :: Mozilla

"4 Tested Techniques to Catalyze Small Town Redevelopment" -- "With no economic momentum in the community, if you want to sail, you will have to bring your own wind." :: Meeting of the Minds

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