May 21, 2018


"Farm Bill's Demise a Hit to Rural Broadband" :: Benton Summary

"FCC Confirms Plan to Further Downgrade Rural America and Widen Digital Divide" :: Public Knowledge

Members appointed to new BDAC Harmonization Working  Group, directed to reconcile Model Code for Municipalities and Model Code for States :: FCC Public Notice

"In a Reversal, Hillsboro, Ore. [pop. 105,000], Dusts Off Plans for City-Owned Internet Service" -- "[C]ouncil approval for the multi-million-dollar project is expected to come later this month." :: Government Technology

"The Pros of Public Internet Networks (and Lessons Learned)" :: EfficientGov

Connecticut:  More on PURA decision blocking municipalities from using their legally reserved space on utility poles to build fiber networks :: Hartford Business

"Pikes Peak region's rural communities looking for broadband on-ramp" :: Gazette

Update on Kentucky Wired:  construction to begin in Lincoln County this summer :: Interior Journal

"What Happened to Facebook's Grand Plan to Wire the World?" :: Wired

"AT&T's Fiber Strategy" :: POTs and PANs

"Verizon Flirts With DSL Usage Caps in Virginia" :: DSLReports

"ISPs and Ajit Pai are really sad about Senate's vote for net neutrality" :: Ars Technica

"Net Neutrality CR Teed up in House" :: Broadcasting & Cable

Susan Crawford:  "Net Neutrality is Just a Gateway to the Real Issue:  Internet Freedom" :: Wired

Chip Pickering: "Yes Republicans, voting to Save Net Neutrality is the RIGHT Thing to Do" :: Medium

"How the FCC Subverted Net Neutrality's First Principles" :: Forbes


"Facebook's Terragraph hopes to replace fiber broadband beginning with 2019 trials" -- "It could replace DSL and cable, or it could lose it all to 5G."; "Terragraph would establish a mesh network of 60GHz wireless cells across a neighborhood. ... The problem, if there is one, is that 802.11ay signals travel short distances, about 33 to 100 feet. That means that numerous 'small cells' would need to be installed around the neighborhood, most likely within a mesh network where each small cell can talk to one another. ... They also require line of sight. .... [T]hose cells would be mounted on light poles, or on the roofs or sides of buildings." :: PCWorld

"Early Verizon Home 5G Will Require Tech Visit (and Install Fee)" :: DSLReports

"Verizon Taps Samsung for Sacramento, Ericsson for LA 5G" :: Light Reading

More on CBRS spectrum licenses:  "The FCC is on the cusp of making a decision about a spectrum auction that has pitted the nation’s largest wireless carriers against a broad and eclectic coalition of shippers, railroads, ports, electric companies, manufacturers, and rural internet service providers." :: Bloomberg

"T-Mobile outlines 600 MHz, 700 MHz and 5G drone ambitions" :: FierceWireless


"Has AT&T Inked a Deal With Google for TV?" :: Light Reading

"AT&T is Making Streaming as Complicated as Cable" :: BGR


"Study: A Lack of American Infrastructure Investment Is Costing Billions" -- "A recent study estimates that as much as $340 billion could be left on the table between 2017 and 2023 as a result of the nation’s aging infrastructure and a lack of investment." :: Government Technology

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