May 29, 2018


"Two Koch Insiders Are Creating a New Office Inside the FCC" :: TYT

"A Tale of 2 Fiber Cities: Wilson, North Carolina & San Antonio, Texas" :: EfficientGov

For Collins, CO:  "Individuals looking to invest $1,000 or more, and collect corresponding interest, can buy city bonds that will pay the startup cost for the broadband utility" ::  Coloradoan

"Another Rural Co-op, Another Broadband Project" -- "Holston Electric Cooperative (HEC) in Hamblen and Hawkins County, Tennessee, is about to begin Phase I of its plan to deploy fiber optic connectivity to more than 30,000 members. The multi-year project will bring broadband to the rural area and create smart grid efficiencies for the electric system." :: MuniNetworks

"Cortez [CO] reveals results of fiber project feasibility study" --  "Dawson and Konechne proposed a system in which the city would install fiber throughout Cortez, using funds from a temporary sales tax increase of about 1 percent, and connect residents with the high-speed network for a competitive price. This model, he said, would pay for itself and even turn a profit for the city over 25 years."  ::  The Journal

More on Penobscot, ME RFI :: MuniNetworks

Lakeland, FL:  "Broadband business plan at least a year out" :: The Ledger

"I would caution anybody seeking ETC status as part of getting this [CAF II] funding to make sure they are not unknowingly picking up carrier of last resort obligations along with that status." :: POTs and PANs

"Comcast Expands Gigabit Broadband Availability" -- "In these new Southern markets, Comcast is offering the gigabit tier for $140 per month without a contract, and lower if users are willing to bundle additional services" :: DSLReports

"Older Americans and Broadband: Getting Connected" :: FCC Blog

"All Major ISPs Have Declined in Customer Satisfaction" :: DSLReports


"Verizon's Fixed 5G: A Cable Alternative Is Coming!" -- "Verizon uses a window or roof-mounted 28GHz antenna to grab the 5G signal, which is distributed via WiFi from a home router indoors. This is why the video briefly references walls, glass and folliage; Verizon wants to illustrate that ongoing concerns about 5G's in-building penetration are not really a issue." :: Light Reasding

"Cable's Latest, Greatest Wireless Opportunity" -- "[A] fresh swatch of spectrum labeled Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) ...  is opening the door to coveted capacity that is well-suited for dense, small, fiber-connected cells that can work with today’s 4G/Long Term Evolution networks and play a role in the 5G networks of tomorrow." :: Multichannel News

"Is DISH Really Ready to be a 5G Player?" :: Light Reading

"Sprint CTO explains how carrier plans to win the 5G race," Massive MIMO, etc. :: FierceWireless

Bipartisan bill would allow E-Rate funds to support Wi-Fi on school buses :: U.S. Senate

Letter:  "Small cell towers do not belong in Tacoma neighborhoods" :: Tacoma Weekly News

"Small-Cell Broadband Comes to Fredericksburg [VA]" :: Bacon's Rebellion


"Netflix is Now Worth More Than Comcast" :: DSLReports


Next Century Cities Regional Broadband Summit, Pittsburgh, July 23-24 :: Next Century Cities

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