June 7, 2018


NDIA's top 25 Worst Connected Cities list: "DIA ranked all 185 U.S. cities with more than 50,000 households by the total percentage of each city’s households lacking fixed broadband internet subscriptions." :: NDIA

"New Hampshire Sets the Example: Expands Local Authority for Broadband Investment" :: MuniNetworks

"The Columbia [MO] City Council wants to continue to look into expanding broadband services, including ultra-fast gigabit networks and possibly through partnerships with private internet providers." :: Columbia Daily Tribune

"Palo Alto renews its quest to build a citywide fiberoptic network" :: StateScoop

Madison, WI reevaluates after feasibility study shows $150M cost estimate for universal FTTP :: MacIver Institute

"ISPs Have Asked the Senate to Limit Funds for Rural Internet" --  "Big Telecom lobbyists have urged the committee to block funding for any community where more than 10 percent of the population has internet access, and any area that has received funding through the Federal Communication Commission’s Universal Service Fund, even if people in those area still have poor access."  :: VICE  . . .

. . . "There are almost no such places left in the country, at least on paper, so this would effectively gut RUS funding from being used to improve rural broadband" :: POTs and PANs

Blandin Foundation study quantifies ROI for five rural Minnesota communities that have spent public funds on building out networks :: Daily Yonder :: Blandin Foundation

NTIA: "The digital divide is showing signs of giving way as more Americans from all walks of life connect to the Internet. Several historically disadvantaged groups showed significant increases in online adoption, according to initial results from NTIA’s most recent survey on Internet use conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau."  :: National Telecommunications and Information Administration

"Senate to Kick Tires on NTIA Broadband Mapping Plans" :: Multichannel News

Crown Castle asks FCC to use section 253 preemption authority for public right of way controlled by railroads :: Crown Castle letter +  memorandum

"Consolidated: 50-60 Mbps is the Broadband Sweet Spot" :: Telecompetitor

Chmn. Pai propose increase to Rural Health Care Program to reflect inflation :: FCC :: SHLB

"Cisco's cloud-native broadband router could be a game changer for cable" :: FierceTelecom


“'In a traditional vendor-customer kind of relationship, you might be sitting on opposite sides of the table, trying to ensure that you’re pulling the best out of each other,' said Verizon's Lani Ingram, vice president of smart communities, sports and IoT platforms. 'And I think what is really unique in the way that we approached  it [in Sacramento], is we both got on the same side of the table. And on the other side of the table we put the issues that we were trying to solve. ... And so then it became, ‘OK, so how do we enable each other?'" :: Government Technology

President Trump's 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale "is calling for a single, privatized 5G mobile network across the country." - "It is time for America to have a single 5G network for all carriers. ...A great 5G network, in my personal opinion, consists of an open wholesale market with a privatized company that isn’t a carrier. Government doesn’t own or operate it but does provide the spectrum." :: The Hill

"Does it Matter if China Beats the U.S. to Build a 5G Network?" :: Wired

"Santa Rosa (CA) continues 'pause' on Verizon small-cell project" :: Press Democrat

"The 3.5 GHz [CBRS] Tug-of-War" - "Under the original rules small providers could bid for licenses that fit a small geographic foot print – a small town or a portion of a rural county. These small license areas are ideal for the business plans for rural providers like WISPs, telephone companies, electric cooperatives, cable companies, and even Internet of Thing providers. There were farming cooperatives considering the spectrum as an interference-free way to monitor smart-farm sensors."   But: "[i]f the FCC follows their trend and votes for the CTIA petition [to enlarge the license footprint], it will be another dagger stuck into the heart of rural broadband. :: POTs and PANs

"EU Updating Telecom Rules With Eye To 5G" :: Law360 (sub. req'd)

Antitrust advocate tells DoJ Sprint-T-Mobile would hurt consumers :: Law360 (sub. req'd)


"Can Small Cable Companies Survive?" :: POTs and PANs


More than half of U.S. households have ditched landline phones :: Benton Foundation

"Comcast, Oregon Settle Long-Running Gigabit Tax Break Battle" :: DSLReports

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