June 25, 2018


"Grave digging? Changing tires? Washington’s rural telecom companies do it all" :: Seattle Times

Profile of Sonic, focusing on use of copper UNEs and transition to fiber :: POTs and PANs

Startup lets anyone become an ISP:  "Apartment or office building owners are prime candidates to become operators because they can become the ISP for all of their tenants and pocket the extra cash." :: Business Insider

"Municipal Broadband Service Goes Regional in Fairlawn, Ohio" -- "FairlawnGig service is now being offered to businesses and households along the government-owned network, which stretches for 151 miles." :: Government Technology

"Larimer County, Colorado, Interpreting Early [Broadband] Feasibility Results" :: MuniNetworks podcast

City of Janesville, WI "set to expand fiber network" :: GazetteXtra

"Why The U.S. Cable Industry Is Poised For Recovery" -- "[W]e believe that cable offers the best opportunity to invest in the growth of consumer data usage and the shift to 5G." :: Forbes

Charter announces gigabit service expansion to 4M new homes :: Telecompetitor

Comcast expands gigabit service in Pennsylvania :: Multichannel News


"'Mind the gap' is an automated, verbal warning issued to customers disembarking London's crowded tube trains, lest travelers half disappear into the darkness between the door and the platform edge. The warning could easily be repurposed for today's burgeoning 5G industry, where the chasm between expectation and reality looks just as murky." :: Light Reading

"Vendors and operators are taking a more measured and conservative approach to what 5G will initially provide." :: FierceWireless

"AT&T’s CEO: After FirstNet tower climbs, 5G will be a software upgrade" :: FierceWireless

"5G Cellular for Home Broadband?" -  "The [T-Mobile-Sprint FCC] filing claims that their 5G network will provide a low-latency broadband product with speeds in excess of 100 Mbps within a ‘few years’. They claim that customers will be able to drop their landline broadband connection and tether their home network to their unlimited cellular data plan instead. ... I see a lot of holes that can be poked into this claim" :: POTs and PANs


"Why Pay-TV Needs OTT Video Now" :: Light Reading


"Telco Job Prospects Go From Bad to Worse"  - "The layoffs are a sign of the upheaval that is sweeping through the sector as a result of automation, merger activity and the relentless drive for efficiency. They will come after the world's 20 largest operators with headquarters in western Europe or North America slashed more than 107,000 jobs during the past two fiscal years." :: Light Reading

"The latest Supreme Court decision [Carpenter vs. U.S., finding right to privacy in cell phone locational data] is being hailed as a big victory for digital privacy. It’s not." :: Vox

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