June 26, 2018


"Windstream, USTelecom Reach Telecom Unbundling Compromise; Is UNE Era Set to End?" :: Telecompetitor

"FCC Approves 220 Applicants for $1.98 Billion CAF II Auction" :: Broadcasting & Cable :: Telecompetitor

"Let’s Make Telemedicine Available to All" :: recode

"FTC Won’t Be Neutral on Net Neutrality, Signals to ISPs it is on lookout for anti-competitive conduct" :: Broadcasting & Cable (sub. req'd)

North Carolina:  "Pinetops [NC] customers will be losing Greenlight [municipal broadband service from nearby Wilson, N.C.]" --  “'Everyone I know who has Greenlight is very sad that this is happening,' said former Pinetops commissioner Suzanne Coker Craig. 'Everyone has been extremely satisfied with not only the speed of the connection, but the customer service. The city of Wilson has served us extremely well, and we have no need to change.'  However, the change in providers was necessitated by the addition of Suddenlink service in Pinetops and a 2017 law stipulating the public provider has 30 days to stop service after a competitive provider [offers service]. On June 13, the notification was sent by Suddenlink, and Greenlight sought a buyer for the fiber optic infrastructure." :: Wilson Times

Dubuque, IA City Council discusses municipal broadband :: KCRG

Longmont [CO], home of NextLight, named one of this year's 10 winners of the National Civic League's All-America City awards :: Times-Call


"Carriers Clamor for FCC Oversight of State- and City-Level Small Cell Fees" ::  FierceWireless

"Inside C Spire’s maverick strategy for fixed wireless" --  "[T]he company enters each new neighborhood by deploying fiber to a 'hub home.' That home gets free internet service from the company, but also broadcasts a wireless signal via Mimosa equipment operating in unlicensed 5.8 GHz spectrum to nearby homes. Mimosa’s transmission technology uses a proprietary iteration of the 802.11 standard that powers standard Wi-Fi connections. For nearby homes that sign up for its service, C Spire installs a dinner plate-sized antenna receiver on their roof." :: FierceWireless

"Launch your own wireless ISP for $25K, says startup Necto" :: FierceWireless

"FirstNet launches, giving police and firefighters a dedicated wireless network and infinite possibilities" :: Washington Post


"How Netflix May Finally Meet Its Waterloo" :: Light Reading


"Privacy advocates want Congress to fix gaps in Carpenter ruling" :: Washington Post

Next Century Cities Regional Broadband Summit, July 23-24, Pittsburgh, PA :: Next Century Cities


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