July 9, 2018


"By Gluing Fiber to the Ground, Startup Thinks It Can Slash Broadband Installation Costs for Local Government" - "The company has patented methods to adhere fiber cables to hard surfaces using substances that should protect them from basically anything, from weather to 50-ton excavators." :: Government Technology

"Sonic is a small ISP that competes brilliantly with the big guys — so they're trying to throttle its business" :: Los Angeles Times

Blandin Foundation report:  "Impact of CAF II-funded Networks: Lessons from Two Rural Minnesota Exchanges Left Underserved" -- “In sum, CAF II investments in Minnesota are being spent to build networks that don’t meet today’s federal definition of broadband and won’t meet state goals for the future. Moreover, lack of transparency in proposed CAF II network plans and timelines is making it difficult for impacted communities to plan accordingly to ensure their broadband needs are being adequately met." :: Link to Blandin Report  :: MuniNetworks

"I’ve seen a big change over the last two years in the expectations of rural residents who are now demanding that somebody find them a broadband solution. ...  [P]eople are getting militant for broadband." :: POTs and PANs

"FCC stands by decision to raise broadband prices on American Indians -- FCC denies petition to restore $25 Lifeline subsidy for Tribal residents" :: Ars Technica

"NTIA More Likely Than FCC to Produce Unbiased Broadband Report," says App Association :: Multichannel News

"Net neutrality makes comeback in California; lawmakers agree to strict rules -- After compromise, nation's toughest net neutrality bill back on track." :: Ars Technica ::  Gizmodo

"Bell, Rogers slash gigabit internet prices in Toronto in bid to woo customers to faster networks -- Industry observers say such price wars are usually very local and short-lived" :: Vancouver Sun

Virginia:  Gov. Northam announces rural broadband initiative :: Danville Register & Bee

Roanoke [VA] Valley Broadband Authority:  "Connections up, prices down: Broadband authority delivers" :: Roanoke Times

City of Virginia Beach touted as "digital port," with undersea cables and data centers :: VirginiaBusiness.com

"Satellite startups turn to reinventing broadband, mapping and other industries" :: TechCrunch


"Carriers Awkwardly Embrace San Jose's Small Cell Success" -- "[T]elcos recently scoffed at an FCC Commissioner for pointing the way to a successful small cell agreement -- an agreement that just days earlier the telcos were celebrating and bragging about." :: Light Reading

"Starry Scores $100M More for Wireless Broadband" :: Light Reading

"Charter launches mobile service, throttles all video to 480p" :: Ars Technica

"The US 5G 'Lead' Over Europe Is Bluster" :: Light Reading

"Competition in U.S. wireless industry poised to rise," says Macquarie Research :: FierceWireless


Agenda for FCC's July 12 Open Meeting :: FCC 

"GOP’s midterm playbook: Bash tech" :: Politico

"Is Government Ready for AI?" :: Government Technology

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