August 17, 2018


Baller Stokes & Lide's analysis of FCC's Third R&O and Declaratory Ruling (WC 17-84, WT 17-79), concerning One-Touch Make-Ready, overlashing, and local government moratoria on wireless siting :: BSL OTMR Memorandum


"Flirting with fiber in Spokane" -  "Members of a city-appointed working group charged with exploring options for a fiber optic network in Spokane say they’ve narrowed their focus to two possibilities: a public-private partnership [Ammon model] or a private company [such as TDS Telecom]" :: Spokane Journal

"Community Broadband Efforts Alive and Thriving in Ohio, Maryland and Utah" :: BroadbandBreakfast.com

"Sen. Tester: FCC's Broadband Maps ‘Stink’" -- "There appears to be bipartisan consensus that the FCC doesn't know its maps from a hole in the ground."  :: Multichannel News

Tom Wheeler:  "Time to Fix It: Developing Rules for Internet Capitalism" :: Shorenstein Center

"Are CAF II Investments Helping Rural Minnesota?" :: MuniNetworks


"CTIA, T-Mobile recap reasons for larger 3.5 GHz [CBRS] license areas" ...  "[S]mall WISPs ... are concerned the FCC’s proposal to define the geographic license areas based on partial economic areas instead of the small census tracts may foreclose the use of 3.5 GHz spectrum by anyone other than the large mobile carriers."  :: FierceWireless


"The number of U.S. households watching streaming TV services ... has grown a remarkable 58% over last year... However, these services still account for a small portion of the overall market, as only 5 percent (4.9 million) of U.S. households with Wi-Fi streamed TV over one of these services in April 2018." :: TechCrunch


"Big ISPs Fighting Privacy" -- "One of the quietest regulatory battles is happening at statehouses rather than with regulators. The large ISPs and big Silicon Valley companies have joined forces to kill any legislation that would create Internet privacy." :: POTs and PANs


"Our first look at Alphabet’s smart city: Timber towers and smart pavement: Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs is sharing an early glimpse of its Toronto development." :: Fast Company

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